When the Nebraska football team is out looking for talent for the upcoming recruiting class, they tend to offer one player or another that qualifies as "under the radar." This is certainly the case with wide receiver Khi Mathieu. At the moment, the receiver is listed as a 3-star prospect by 247Sports but hasn't garnered a composite rating yet. Despite that, the player's pedigrees might mean more in this instance and could mean the Huskers have found themselves a game changer.

Khi Mathieu has alumni and familial ties

The Nebraska football team is trolling for talent this time around St.

Augustine out of New Orleans, Louisana. While the receiver is under the radar, the school might be well known to Husker fans considering one of the best to ever lineups for the Huskers happens to come from that high school.

Stanley Morgan played his High School football in New Orleans at St. Augustine. He even weighed in a bit when Mathieu announced he had officially received an offer on Friday afternoon. While he didn't say anything to the prospect directly, he did reply with a wink emoji, from his own Twitter account, regarding the announcement.

While having gone to the same high school as a Nebraska star doesn't mean Khi Mathieu is automatically going to be the kind of impact player Morgan was, the receiver also has some pretty good blood running through his veins.

The newest Cornhusker prospect happens to be the cousin of NFL defensive star Tyrann Mathieu.

Knowing both of those things, it's not exactly a shock that Scott Frost and company are interested in seeing the prospect lace them up in Lincoln.

Nebraska football staff adept at finding diamonds in the rough

The Huskers have taken some rough talk over the years for offering players that didn't rate as high as others.

This year, there were a couple of players the team offered that weren't ranked all that high, but turned into prospects everyone was after. Dylan Jordan was one who had no stars when the Huskers offered. He ended up as a 4-star linebacker. Unfortunately, he decided he'd rather go to another school.

Mathieu is certainly not a lock for the Nebraska football team.

The Huskers are the 11th team to offer the receiver. He received an offer from the Kentucky Wildcats on the exact same day. The work to bring him to Lincoln is far from over, but it appears they might at least have a kind of an in if they want Khi Mathieu to be a fixture at Memorial Stadium.