In a shocking turn of events, Anthony Davis has just informed the New Orleans Pelicans that he will not sign an extension to remain with the team and he wants to be traded. This is a huge about-face for the NBA superstar, who originally said that his only concern was to make the Pelicans a better team and had no thoughts on wanting to play for anyone else right now. His contract is not up until 2020.

However, the Pelicans have a big decision to make now. If they do not trade Anthony Davis this season, they risk alienating him. Plus, they can get a lot more in return for him if they trade him now than they can if they wait until next year.

If they wait until the final season of his contract, many teams might just wait till it expires and lose him for nothing. If the Pelicans wait, they might end up like the Oklahoma City Thunder did with Kevin Durant and lose him with nothing to show for it in return.

Now, the New Orleans Pelicans have let the Los Angeles Lakers know what they want in return for an Anthony Davis trade.

What will Lakers have to give up for Anthony Davis?

If the Los Angeles Lakers want to trade for Anthony Davis this season -- and not have to wait two years to get him into town -- they will have to give the New Orleans Pelicans a lot in return for the NBA superstar. According to Brad Turner, a Lakers beat reporter for the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers will have to send Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac and a number one NBA Draft pick for Davis.

The Lakers always seemed willing to trade away Ivica Zubac and Lonzo Ball was never out of the question. Losing Kyle Kuzma instead of someone like Brandon Ingram will be tough but the trade for a star like Anthony Davis would make it worth it. The Lakers have the money to give Davis a max deal, so this could be the trade that pushes the Lakers to the playoff race.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski clarified this as well, so it looks like if the Los Angeles Lakers want Anthony Davis, it could happen very soon.

NBA Trade deadline

The NBA Trade deadline is coming up on February 7 and the Los Angeles Lakers already made it clear they would make a move to bring in a superstar to pair up with LeBron James if they could.

No one expected a star like Anthony Davis to come available this year due to his contract and the New Orleans Pelicans saying they wouldn't trade him.

However, with AD saying he wants out of New Orleans, the Pelicans should do what they can now to get the most possible in exchange for the All-Star. For the Los Angeles Lakers, the time is now.