The 2019 recruiting class for the Nebraska football team looks like it's going to finish well inside the Top 20. That ranking is, in large part, thanks to players like Wandale Robinson. The 4-star prospect and top player in the state of Kentucky, committed to Nebraska after a drawn out back and forth between the Huskers and the Kentucky Wildcats. Robinson is one of those players that has grabbed the attention of other recruiting targets. That includes 2020 receiver Muhsin Muhammad III.

Hints at Nebraska football visit or just playful banter?

Over the weekend, Robinson sent out a tweet talking about the fact that he was getting ready to depart Kentucky.

"Last day in KY today. Onto [the All American Bowl] tomorrow then to Lincoln!" He tweeted out. The all-purpose back is getting ready to enroll at Nebraska early so that he can start learning Scott Frost's offense and better prepare to be a contributor in his freshman season.

One of the best receivers in the 2020 class has certainly taken notice of what Robinson is doing. Muhsin Muhammad III tweeted back to the Husker commit. "Be out there soon bro. Save some room for me!" The question now is just what was he talking about when he said: "be out there soon." There are several different ways to take that comment. One would be very good news for the Nebraska football team and its fans. Even if it didn't mean anything more than he's going to college soon, it's good to see that a player from an entirely different state is taking note of what Wandale Robinson is doing and when.

Muhsin Muhammad predicted to head to Nebraska football rival

The Huskers have offered the wide receiver out of North Carolina though until now it didn't seem like they were getting a lot of love from the son of former NFL great Muhsin Muhammad. 247Sports has predicted the younger receiver is going to go to Michigan State.

That's all the more reason for Nebraska football fans to get at least a little bit excited about the 4-star player out of North Carolina looking the Huskers' way.

The comment about "saving some room" doesn't seem to indicate he's talking about the All American Bowl roster since the two players are in different classes. Cornhusker fans can hope he's talking about at the very least, planning a visit to Lincoln. Those who dare to dream might wonder if he's talking about "saving some room" on the roster. All Nebraska fans can at least hope he at least has taken notice of the program in Lincoln and will give them a second and third look.