The Nebraska football team has one of the best players in the 2019 class in Wandale Robinson. The journey to land him was one that had quite a number of twists and turns. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he was one of the more decorated players in the state of Kentucky when it comes to the end of the year awards. This is why there were plenty of Husker fans who were more than a little annoyed that Robinson picked Kentucky. There was even talk that Wildcats' assistant coach Vince Marrow had managed to put together some money to sway the all-purpose back to his hometown team.

Marrow denied the ridiculous claim. Now that Robinson has picked the Huskers, instead, it appears Marrow is still making news with the way he's handling the change of heart.

Wandale Robinson takes heat from Kentucky coach

While Marrow had seemed to show the running back some respect and love when he first made the change. Marrow sent out a tweet that said that he was going to pray for the recruit and that he wanted to show him quite a bit of love. Of course, when Kentucky got itself another recruit and another commit, he turned the page. Shortly after Kentucky got itself another commit he sent out a message that appeared to be a direct shot at Robinson.

"Love guys that want to stay home and represent the BBN.

BOOM." Considering the timing of the commit and the timing of the message, it appears the "love guys that want to stay home" was aimed directly at the Nebraska football commit. That particular message seems to be a hint at just how angry the Kentucky coaches are that Wandale Robinson decided not to stay committed to them. I also feel it was a classless move.

Nebraska football shows the way to handle a loss

The tweet by Marrow can be held up in comparison to the way the Huskers handled it when Wandale Robinson originally picked the Kentucky Wildcats. The staff kept largely quiet and knew that the loss was something they were just going to have to move on from.

It's likely that reaction is one of the reasons that they were able to get back in the door a month later.

Once the regular season ended, Ryan Held was dispatched to Kentucky to go talk to Wandale Robinson. Now that he is in the fold for the 2019 class, it appears he's going to be locked in with the Nebraska football team. One of the Wildcats' top recruiters managed to take a shot at the prospect as he walked out the door. Now, it's all about keeping him in the fold until signing day.