The Nebraska football team might be looking to lock up its 2019 recruiting class but they are far from only paying attention to that particular recruiting class. Yes, the Huskers are looking towards the 2020 class as well but they aren't stopping there either. The Huskers are also working hard to lock down the best players in the 2021 class. That includes athlete DJ Harvey out of California.

Nebraska football getting in on the ground floor

Harvey is not yet among the most hyped players in the country, but he is quite talented and he's starting to get more attention as the year rolls along.

The Huskers are not the first Power 5 team to offer Harvey and it's the safest bet in the world to think they won't be anywhere near the last Power 5 team to come calling for the prospect out of Sierra Canyon.

There was a time when Southern Mississippi was the only FBS team that had officially come calling. Since the calendar changed to 2019, DJ Harvey has seen quite a few of the country's best schools give him an official offer. The Nebraska football team is the latest, having offered earlier this week but they were following in the footsteps of both Oregon and LSU. Considering how fast and furiously the offers have started coming in, there's no doubt more teams are going to be joining the fray in no time.

Because he's a member of the 2021 class, he does not yet hold a rank from the 247 Composite listings, but Max Preps recently listed him among some of the top players in his class. As a matter of fact, he was named among the Max Preps Sophomore All-Americans. DJ Harvey made that list thanks in large part to the fact that he is as good on defense as he is on offense.

While he's projected out to be a defensive back at the next level, it's important to note that he's a long way from that next level.

DJ Harvey continues trend of versatile recruits

Having just finished his sophomore year, there is no telling how he might blossom. In the 2018 season, he racked up seven interceptions for Sierra Canyon.

He also amassed 700 yards receiving. There's little doubt that one of the things the Nebraska football team has been looking for under Scott Frost is the ability to land players that can be as versatile as possible. Jamie Nance and Wandale Robinson are two examples of that from the most recent group of signees.

Nance comes to the Nebraska football team as a wide receiver who could help the team on special teams in a big way. Wandale Robinson spent most of his high school career as a running back who could catch the ball. When he lands in Lincoln, he projects to be more of a wide receiver that will carry the ball from time to time. Should the Huskers manage to land DJ Harvey in the next few years, it will be interesting to see what their plans might be for the talented player.