Jalen Hurts had been "the man" since he arrived in Tuscaloosa. When he did take over the helm at Alabama, the question surrounding his role there was whether he could "break the mold" of the traditional Crimson Tide quarterback. He did indeed do that, and in the process laid the groundwork for his replacement.

Now that Hurts has been replaced he's moving on. The quarterback, who reemerged as a major player in Alabama making it back to the National Championship game is in the transfer portal and the college football world is up in arms trying to figure out where he might go next.

When talking about the college football world you have to include Las Vegas. Odds have been released on where the quarterback is going to end up and the Nebraska football team has at least made the list and has odds for Jalen Hurts.

Nebraska football nowhere near the favorite

The Cornhuskers might be on the list of teams that have odds laid on them, but it appears Vegas believes he'll be playing in Lincoln about as much as most Husker fans believe it will be a reality. Nebraska has +1200 according to 247Sports. That's about as good a set of odds as the Oklahoma Sooners. For those that don't follow gambling, it means someone who was betting on Jalen Hurts to end up with the Nebraska football team could win $1,200 if they bet $1.

In other words, very long odds.

That matches up with what common sense tells most Husker fans. Scott Frost and company not only have a very good quarterback in Adrian Martinez coming back as a true sophomore, but there are several very good quarterbacks waiting in the wings in future recruiting classes. If Hurts is leaving Alabama because he lost his starting job, he isn't coming to Lincoln to flirt with the chance that he'll be a backup.

Jalen Hurts has already visited one contender

The former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback is wasting no time in seeing what's out there. Reports have surfaced that he visited Maryland. The Terrapins are one of the favorites to land Hurts, who is sitting at +500. The team with the best odds, so far, is TCU. They have +400. That means there isn't a real clear front runner at the moment.

There isn't a team that you would have to pay more to be on that what you will get back. It means that no one is entirely sure where Jalen Hurts is going to end up. What looks rather obvious is that the former Crimson Tide quarterback is a massive longshot to ever play his home football games at Memorial Stadium.