Kobe Bryant has always been a Laker through-and-through. The future NBA Hall of Fame superstar has been very supportive of Magic Johnson and his efforts at rebuilding the Los Angeles Lakers into a contender again. While he has been openly critical of LeBron James at times, he has also been supportive of the work that James is doing to try to make the Lakers into a team that can compete for an NBA title -- something that has not happened in many years.

Kobe is also someone who has never been afraid of smack talk. Now that Bryant is no longer playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he seems to be more willing to lay the smackdown on anyone he thinks is deserving and his most recent target are Golden State Warriors fans -- a group that Kobe Bryant has hinted at being just bandwagon fans.

Kobe takes shot at Warriors' fans

The Golden State Warriors are one of the NBA's most popular teams right now. The reason is that they have been to four consecutive NBA Finals and won three of them. They originally started gaining fans because they were a homegrown franchise, with Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson all there when the team was starting their rise.

The Warriors did take a beating in the public eye when they brought in Kevin Durant, but they still have a ton of fans who will defend their every move. However, Kobe Bryant wonders what the fans -- people who were not around when the Warriors were struggling to win anything -- will do if the Warriors start to lose.

CBS Sports reported that Kobe Bryant was talking about the bright future for the Los Angeles Lakers and then took a shot at the Golden State Warriors.

Kobe said that the Lakers will "figure it out" and then they will be champs again "before you know it." He finished by saying that they will just all laugh at the Warriors new fanbase that "came out of nowhere."

Lakers are rolling in 2018-19

After a rough start that had LeBron James saying that people won't want to see him when he gets tired of losing, the Los Angeles Lakers have turned things around.

Los Angeles is sitting with a 15-10 record, good enough for sixth in the Western Conference.

Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors broke out of a slump to race to an 18-9 record and a tie for first place in the Western Conference. As long as the Warriors have Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both healthy, they will win, but can the Lakers catch them this year? They are only two games back and Kobe Bryant expects the Lakers to be laughing at the Warriors bandwagon fans if and when they do.