Matthew Pola-Mao is a big kid with a bright future on the gridiron - and the Nebraska Cornhuskers recruiting brass hope that he grows as a college start wearing Red and White. I think it gives Nebraska a great shot to win the Big Ten West. According to, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have now thrown their hat into the recruiting fray to try to land one of the best defensive tackles in the country, but luring him away from Pac-12 country may be easier said than done. Not only that, but I feel Adrian Martinez could win the Big Ten Freshman of the Year Award.

Will visit lead to more

Earlier in the week, it was reported that defensive coordinator Erik Chinander and defensive line coach Mike Dawson headed to Chandler (Arizona) High School to pay the big man a visit. At that time it seems no offer was extended to the big man - but that could change soon. It seems that the 6-foot-2, 295-pound defensive stud has interest in the Huskers, especially the way he went public with his response. "It was like, 'Oh, Nebraska. Shoot, Nebraska's on the radar,' Pola-Mao told The World-Herald. 'It's pretty cool; I like them.'"

Family affair? has Pola-Mao listed as the No. 17 defensive tackle in the nation. As if that isn’t enough to make the Huskers salivate over the possibility of offering him a full scholarship, he has the proven genetic structure to become a star.

Pola-Mao is a nephew of former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro and USC Trojans standout Troy Polamalu.

Pola-Mao's brother, Isaiah, currently attends USC, but don’t think that may sway Mathew’s decision to nix the Huskers. Right now Nebraska is a team on the rise, with the potential to become one of the best in the Big Ten - and they also have relatives of the Pola-Mao's.

Keana Pola is already enrolled at Nebraska on a softball scholarship, while his cousin, Noa, has recently visited the school. Athletes run deep in this family!

Future Suh?

While no one wants to compare a possible incoming freshman to a legend like Ndamukong Suh, the Huskers would sure love to see Pola-Mao terrorizing Big Ten quarterbacks!

Suh, who attended Grant High School in Portland, Oregon before heading to Lincoln to suit up with the Huskers, has a lot of similarities with Pola-Mao. Wile Suh is listed at 6' 4" and Pola-Mao is 6' 2", they both tip the scales at 300 lbs - and both were getting rave reviews as they prepared to leave high school.

Suh, who has developed into one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL today, currently plays with the Los Angeles Rams. Who knows, maybe the former Husker could put in a word to Pola-Mao to help him make his decision.