The Golden State Warriors are going through their worst slide since Steve Kerr started managing the team. The Warriors have lost four straight games for the first time in five seasons. Their most recent loss had to sting, as they fell to Kevin Durant's former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and lost by almost 30 points. However, while the losses by the Warriors were tough, it almost got a whole lot worse. In breaking news, Warriors' superstar Stephen Curry was just involved in a three-car accident in Oakland.

Stephen Curry accident

According to ABC News, Stephen Curry was involved in a three-car accident right before 9 a.m.

PST. The incident took place on Highway 24 westbound on the Oakland side of Caldecott Tunnel. According to the California Highway Patrol, the car that Curry was in was hit twice -- by two different cars.

Stephen Curry was driving westbound when the first car spun out on the highway and smashed into his car. Then, right after the first car hit him, a second car rear-ended him from behind. Curry was driving his Porsche, which suffered some serious damage, but luckily everyone -- including Stephen -- walked away from the accident without any injuries.

The California Highway Patrol also reported that the weather conditions are what likely played a role in the accident, meaning the first car might have hydroplaned before it spun out and hit Curry's car, starting the chain reaction of the three-car accident.

Steph was already hurt

The big thing here is that Stephen Curry was already injured before the three-car accident.

Both Curry and Draymond Green missed the Golden State Warriors loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Curry was not expected to play today against the Portland Trail Blazers either.

With both Stephen Curry (groin) and Draymond Green (toe) out with injuries, the rest of the lineup has been unable to compete with Kevin Durant forced to shoulder the load.

It adds to the arguments that Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors because he is not capable of leading a team. Losing Curry has caused Durant to falter once again.

The Golden State Warriors four straight losses came without Stephen Curry in the lineup. They lost by 21 points to the Houston Rockets, three to the Dallas Mavericks, 12 to the San Antonio Spurs and then 28 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. If they lose to the Portland Trail Blazers tonight, they will drop to 12-8 on the season.