The Nebraska football team has been plumbing the depths of JUCO prospects more than any other coaching staff for the Huskers ... maybe ever. Scott Frost and company are doing what their predecessors wouldn't even though they also knew the team needed an infusion of talent. The new coaching staff has decided that talent is going to come from the Junior College ranks. They've managed to secure visits from some JUCO talents and in the form of Tony Fair, they thought they had gotten a player that could help their defensive line right away. Now Fair has reopened his commitment and in the process has demonstrated the danger of leaning on Junior College players in the recruiting cycle.

Tony Fair's interesting comments about his decommitment

The defensive tackle out of Pima Community College announced on Twitter on Friday that he was not only rescinding his commitment but appeared to be putting the Nebraska football team in the rearview mirror. Among the comments that stood out was when he talked about how Frost was building a monster program and he "wished he could be a part of it." Those aren't comments a player makes when he is moving on of his own accord.

Those are the comments someone makes when they have been told by the coaches they aren't going to be accepting him into the program.

Tony Fair went on to comment about the fact that his grades were great and that he would be graduating in December. That doesn't seem to jibe with what would be the only reason why the Cornhusker staff would decided he needed to go elsewhere.

It appears that Fair is not going to cut it, at least not when it comes to clearing the requirements to get into Nebraska. That's a bummer for the player and the program.

Nebraska football needs to reload at defensive line

All indicators are that Tony Fair opening up his recruiting isn't about the staff deciding they could and wanted to go in an entirely different direction.

It appears this is a staff that decided they were going to have to look elsewhere at defensive tackle because the player wasn't going to be able to be here in the spring. On the one hand, that's a blow to a recruiting class that had been as good as we've seen in Lincoln for a while.

On the other hand, telling Tony Fair that he needed to find another school was the absolute right way to handle things. The Nebraska football coaching staff didn't leave him hanging. It's clear this isn't what either party wanted to have happen but it absolutely is a danger schools run into when they are recruiting the Junior Colege ranks as hard as they have.