Anthony Davis said that is only concerned about making the New Orleans Pelicans a better team right now but everyone knows the Los Angeles Lakers want him to join them in the future. Whether it is a trade or as a free agent, that is who wants him right now. If anyone knows about leaving the team that they called home with designs to win a title, it is Kevin Garnett and he said that he has spoken to Davis about his future plans.

Garnett offers his advice to AD

Kevin Garnett started off his career playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He became a legend there but he knew that he wanted more out of his career.

Garnett chose to leave Minnesota in 2007 because he saw a chance to win a lot of NBA titles and he joined Paul Pierce with the Boston Celtics.

While he only won one NBA title in Boston, he was on one of the best teams in the NBA for six years. Boston won five Division titles while Kevin Garnett was there and made it to the NBA Finals in 2008 and 2010. In 2008, the Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA title before they lost to the Lakers in 2010.

Yahoo Sports reports that Kevin Garnett said he spoke to Anthony Davis face-to-face and told him to go to the Los Angeles Lakers. As Garnett said, there is no reason to stay in New Orleans because he won't get a run for a title there and he has been there long enough.

Garnett said that he is playing against history and it is time to go win a title -- and LeBron James and the Lakers offer that opportunity.

Anthony Davis chasing history

Anthony Davis already said that he is not concerned with money. He said that he is more interested in building a legacy for the kids who look up to him. He can build a legacy in New Orleans, but he can win championships and have a much larger platform to build a legacy if he fights for a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The New Orleans Pelicans have the opportunity to build a championship team around Anthony Davis, but they have had the time to do so for the past few seasons. Being a small-market team is hard and few teams have the resources of the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that actually owns their own arena.

However, with the NBA set up to try to keep superstars changing teams, the best chance for Davis is to go play with a team already set up to win and any team with LeBron James is set up to win.

He has already led the Lakers from mediocrity to the upper echelon of the Western Conference.

Kevin Garnett said that Anthony Davis makes the New Orleans Pelicans the best that they will ever be. He said that the Pelicans can't get better but if Davis joins LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, that puts him on an entirely new level.