The NBA rumor mill has been going crazy all week with numerous insiders talking about the Los Angeles Lakers desire to trade for Anthony Davis to help boost their team. The main rumors involve possibly trading Brandon Ingram to bring Davis to Los Angeles, which could be enough to push the Lakers over the top and into the NBA title hunt. One person that has been a little quiet about it is LeBron James himself, but he finally opened up on what he thought of the Lakers trying to trade for Davis in the future.

LeBron on Anthony Davis joining the Lakers

ESPN was interviewing LeBron James about the Lakers game against the New Orleans Pelicans this Friday night. When asked about the possibility of getting Anthony Davis to leave the Pelicans and join the Lakers, LeBron was very enthusiastic.

LeBron said that it would be amazing. He then emphasized by saying "duh" and noting it would be incredible to get Anthony Davis to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers got Kevin Love to join LeBron James, it put them over the top and they made it to multiple NBA Finals. Arguably, Anthony Davis is a better player than Kevin Love was at the time he joined the Cavs. Davis is also only 25-years-old, so the best might still be to come.

The is amazing. This season alone, Davis is averaging 28 points a game, with 12. 4 rebounds, 4.7 assists, 2.8 blocks and 1.7 steals per game. Now, his scoring total would drop playing alongside LeBron, but his defense would put the Los Angeles Lakers into elite company. They could play alongside and beat anyone with the scoring that they already have and the defense of AD.

Lakers trade possibilities

Of course, this trade won't happen now. Anthony Davis has two years left on his deal with the New Orleans Pelicans, so they don't even need to think about trading him until next season. However, if they fall out of contention this year and realize that he won't eventually re-sign with the team, they could get a head start on rebuilding by trading him now.

The Lakers have Brandon Ingram to offer -- a player who is younger than Anthony Davis with a bright future as well. Los Angeles has Kyle Kuzma, so they would not lose much by trading away Ingram and it would be an upgrade by bringing in Davis.

However, Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry said there is no one in the NBA that they would trade Anthony Davis for. With that said, if Davis makes it known that he won't stay, they might not have a choice of the Los Angeles Lakers come calling.