Anthony Davis is the hottest upcoming free agent in the NBA and he won't even get a chance to test the market until 2020. Davis has easily surpassed Kawhi Leonard, who seems to be fitting in perfectly on the best team in the Eastern Conference in the Toronto Raptors. Both men were tied to the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James and now it is Davis that the world is focusing on.

While Davis is dismissing any talk of him changing teams anytime soon, he did talk about what he is looking for with his career and future in the NBA. While he said in a press conference last week that his only concern right now is helping to turn around the New Orleans Pelicans franchise, he has a bigger idea of how he wants his career to look in the coming decade.

What is Anthony Davis looking for?

Anthony Davis was asked what he wants to look for when it comes time to decide on his future. Davis, who was talking after the New Orleans Pelicans loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, said that he was more interested in his legacy over the idea of making the most money.

That is a key statement because Anthony Davis could make the most money by staying with the Pelicans. Thanks to the NBA supermax rules, no team in the NBA could offer him more than New Orleans, a rule in place to try to convince players to remain loyal to their teams -- especially small market teams.

The Pelicans could pay Davis approximately $240 million to stay in New Orleans and help turn their franchise around. However, any other team in the NBA, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, could pay him a maximum of $152 million. That is almost a $100 million difference in pay but for AD, he doesn't seem to care.

Davis talks about his legacy

Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder, who could have paid him the most money and joined the Golden State Warriors.

He wasn't doing it for money and he wasn't doing it for his legacy. He just wanted an easier chance to win an NBA title.

Davis has other things in mind. Whether he stays with the New Orleans Pelicans or joins the Los Angeles Lakers, he is concerned about his legacy as an NBA superstar. He said that he is more concerned with how people -- especially the younger kids -- look up to him. It isn't about getting richer or taking the easy way out, it is about showing who he really is.

Anthony Davis said that he wants championships but he also wants to be a pillar of the community and be a good teammate, always playing hard. When it comes to money versus the legacy of AD, he said that he will take the legacy every time.