On Friday night, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Pelicans in a hard-fought game. LeBron James, who had been battling an illness, finished with a triple-double to lead his Lakers to a win despite Anthony Davis finishing the game with 40 points and 20 rebounds. It was a great game with two of the best players in the NBA proving why they are the best and it was a performance deserving a celebration. According to Bleacher Report, the celebration occurred after the game when LeBron and Davis met for dinner after the game was over.

To add to the fun, the Lakers players and Davis are having some fun on Instagram, almost like he was one of the boys.

The Lakers and Anthony Davis

A few small-market team owners are claiming that LeBron James is tampering by saying that it would be amazing to play with Anthony Davis. In response, LeBron openly mocked those owners in his media press conference after the game on Friday night. James said that it would be amazing to play with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Giannis Anetokonmpo, Ben Simmons, Luca Doncic and a number of other major NBA stars with the Los Angeles Lakers. He said it isn't rocket science because it would be amazing to play with any of those superstars.

It was hilarious and LeBron James is the master of putting people in their place.

Of course, the difference is that Anthony Davis could be a free agent in 2020 and the Los Angeles Lakers very much want to add him to their roster.

There are plenty of NBA trade rumors surrounding Davis and the Lakers, so could he end up there no matter what Davis, LeBron and the New Orleans Pelicans claim?

Instagram and dinner

The LeBron James and Anthony Davis story will just grow bigger and things like Instagram and dinner will follow them and add fuel to the fire.

After the Lakers beat the Pelicans, Kule Kuzma posted a photo to Instagram of him dunking over Anthony Davis.

Then, in the comments, the players started playfully messing around. LeBron James called the defense "super weak" with a trashcan emoji and then Anthony Davis responded that he "ain't jump for real" and added a laughing so hard he was crying emoji.

These guys truly enjoy each other.

There is also the fact that Anthony Davis has just bought a $7.5 million home in Los Angeles.

Now, with the news that Davis and LeBron James had dinner together after the game, it will even fuel the fires even more. The Los Angeles Lakers want Davis and it sounds like the chances are growing stronger.