LeBron James was asked the other day about the NBA trade rumors surrounding his Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans' star Anthony Davis. LeBron was noncommittal about any possible trade but he did mention that it would be "amazing" and "incredible" if he got the chance to play alongside Davis with the Lakers. These NBA trade rumors all started when ESPN reported that sources claim that the Lakers have been refusing to trade players like Brandon Ingram for minor stars because they were waiting to get the chance to trade for a megastar in the near future -- a megastar like Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis on playing with LeBron James

When someone the stature of LeBron James talks about how amazing and incredible it would be to play with someone, that player would likely be very impressed. It has to be a feel-good moment. However, as Kevin Durant said a few weeks back, there are many top-tier NBA superstars who do not want to play with LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers because it means playing second fiddle to one of the best players in the game. Anthony Davis might be in that court.

Bleacher Report revealed that when told that LeBron James said it would be amazing to play with Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers team, he was not impressed. As a matter of fact, Davis said that he doesn't "really care." He did say that it was cool that "any high-caliber player" wants to play with him, but that isn't what is important to him.

Davis said that dreaming of playing with LeBron James is not what he thinks about. According to the star player, his job is to help turn the New Orleans Pelicans team around. He pointed out that his team is 15-17 and that means he is not doing his job. Talking about leaving the Pelicans to play with LeBron and the Lakers is just another distraction that he doesn't need.

Chances of an Anthony Davis trade

Also, add to the fact that there is almost no chance that the New Orleans Pelicans trade Anthony Davis at all -- at least this season. He is under contract through next season and there is no reason to trade him now. If he refuses his supermax extension to stay in New Orleans next season worth $239 million, then they might consider it.

If they don't and he leaves, it will be like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant and they will be left with nothing if he leaves. Plus, add in the fact that Yahoo Sports reports that Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry said there is no way they are trading Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers or anyone else for anything.

At least not this season.