It was a trade request that shocked the basketball world and impacted the way things are in the NBA right now. Just a month or so after the Cleveland Cavaliers were swept in the 2017 NBA Finals, their superstar point guard Kyrie Irving made the decision to ask to leave the team that drafted him. Hesitant at first, the Cavaliers took some time before listening to any offers due to the franchises desire to keep their all-star. However, after a few anxious weeks, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally found a trade they could agree on and it involved one of the most historic franchises in the NBA; the Boston Celtics.

I also think the Lakers could make a trade with the Wizards.

Kyrie Irving was sent off to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and Ante Zizic. Looking back on this trade, today, the Celtics came out better, however, at the time of the trade, it wasn’t so decisive. At the time, Thomas was sidelined with a hip injury, but coming off his best year, averaging around 30 points per game, he looked dominant. The Land was not overly satisfied with the trade, after seeing the production they got from Isaiah and Jae Crowder, especially considering the player they gave up. And someone who had similar thoughts was the four-time MVP, LeBron James.

Damian Lillard

During the time Kyrie Irving demanded a trade, Damian Lillard’s name and the talks between Cleveland and the Portland Trail Blazers would occasionally surface on the media.

Although both players are high-level All-Stars, the two teams could never agree on a trade that would involve both players. There was also never any real indication that Lillard was close to going to Los Angeles.

Recent reports from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski suggest LeBron James had no desire for the Cavaliers to trade Kyrie Irving and told Cleveland’s general manager Koby Altman, at the time, that he should not trade Uncle Drew.

But it appears that James began to accept the fact that Cleveland was eager to get a trade finalized and he suggested a trade for Damian Lillard. James knows Dame has established himself as one of the top point guards in the entire association and would be satisfied if he were to replace Irving. I also want to share that I still think that the Lakers could try to trade for Kyle Korver.

What could’ve been

If the Cleveland Cavaliers could go back in time and take their steps with Kyrie Irving again, I think they would look for a better transaction or to not trade their point guard. Isaiah Thomas missed half the season and failed to find a rhythm, and Jae Crowder could never find his spark.