Nebraska football fans are not happy they lost out on Wandale Robinson. Some are handling the disappointment better than others. Some have even claimed there was something shady about what happened that changed his mind at the last minute. When talking about the things that might have been a bit shady, former Husker coach, and current Kentucky Wildcats assistant, Vince Marrow is at the center of the controversy. After being more or less accused of paying the all-purpose back to change from the Cornhuskers to the 'Cats, the coach took to social media to offer up a response.

"I can’t believe what I’m hearing. When I was there, I was a great recruiter." Marrow said on Twitter.

Nebraska football and the story of the phone call

While Kentucky-centric cites like Sea of Blue are calling that particular tweet a "mic drop," it appears Husker fans aren't quite as willing to accept it was all about being a "great recruiter." Certainly, some of the belief that there was a payoff simply comes from the fact that most people assume SEC teams are always paying for their top recruits. There has certainly been enough proof that's happened in the past. The issue here is that it sounds a bit more like sour grapes than anything else.

The talk about Wandale Robinson being paid off started almost immediately after rumors started flying that he might not be picking the Huskers on Thursday after all.

While there were just vague accusations at first, a story has crystallized that has taken on a life of its own. That's thanks in large part to Nebraska radio host Jim Rose giving it a voice on his network.

Wandale Robinson at the center of a recruiting scandal?

Rose relayed a story that would make the Keystone Kops blush for its idiocy.

That also doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Rose claimed on his show that Marrow and company met with Robinson's family and talked over details of an apparent bribe. The radio host then claims he knows that someone from the running back's camp called Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost and told him what the offer was from Kentucky.

Frost, having no idea who it was or whether it was a real call, reportedly hung up the phone.

It the story is true, there's almost no chance that the Huskers and Wandale Robinson are going to be talking. That development is especially disappointing because it appears there was a Nebraska football commit from the back at one time. A Lincoln Journal Star intern even went so far as to show off the graphic he was asked by Wandale Robinson to make, showing him committed to the Huskers.