LeBron James is the executive producer of a game show slated for broadcast on CBS. The program is entitled “Million Dollar Mile.” While the show falls in the genre of reality television, it comes with a twist. The show is centered on a competition. Contestants will vie for an opportunity to win $1 million by successfully running the “Million Dollar Mile.”

Mega money at stake for show contestants

What would any competition be without challenges or a goal that contestants must accomplish to win the ultimate prize or, in the situation of the reality show, the big bucks?

Predictable and possibly boring is what the show could quickly become. But, alas, enter James’ new game show and the competitors will have to complete the mile course, earmarked with a great deal of money at stake, by making it past “elite athletes” whose sole goal is to impede their path.

Not easy money to be had by competitors

The athletes’ mission, according to the New York Post, is to “stop the contestants from winning the money at all costs.” But, and it seems like it could be a major one with top-notch athletes standing between the competitors and the cash, if the contestants conquer their challenges, wham! They win the $1 million.

Teaming up with James and his production company Springhill Entertainment is former NFL quarterback and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner-turned Mets’ outfielder Tim Tebow, USA Today noted.

Tebow is excited to be hosting the show.

Tebow’s the main host, ESPN personality and Charger’s ‘radio voice’ co-hosting

The show will also feature ESPN’s Maria Taylor and the Matt Smith, attributed with being the Los Angeles Chargers “radio voice,” the Journal Inquirer reported. Tebow is set to be the prominent host. Why not Tebow on TV?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is reportedly embarking on a television hosting gig, too. He is anticipated to host the “The Titan Games” which will also feature physical competition on NBC.

Currently, Tebow provides ESPN with analysis of college football.

With his sports background, coupled with his on-camera television experience, it is probable that he will fall right into hosting, just as “The Rock” is apt to feel comfortable doing so, too.

Everyday people face challenge of seasoned athletes

Not only will the shows have the same competition-based premise, there also could come the time when the two networks battle it out for ratings and viewers. Tebow has stated that one of the reasons he is excited to host LeBron’s game show is that the competitors are everyday people who will be taking on the seasoned athletes for a chance at the $1 million.

NFL-MLB player finds inspiration in people performing at ‘highest ability’

“Inspirational” is how he characterizes people who “perform at their highest ability.” Tebow also dropped a bit more information when he described that the show, which is presently in production, will “motivate” and present “thrills,” according to the Daily Caller.

For its premiere season, CBS has signed on for 10 episodes of the reality show. Right now, there is not a projected broadcast date when “Million Dollar Mile” will make its network debut. Non-cable networks merit quality programming that is suitable for family viewing.

Plus, programs such as “American Ninja Warrior” are reportedly pretty popular, the Journal Inquirer pointed out.

Fan Buzz rhetorically asked, “What do you get when a former NFL quarterback-turned MLB player crosses paths with an NBA legend?” The answer: Pure magic.

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