When it comes to Nebraska football and it's fans, it's often said that there's a family atmosphere surrounding the program. That was put on display over the weekend when one fan made a kind of Hail Mary attempt at securing an autograph from head coach Scott Frost. This wasn't a situation where the fan stood in a long line and hoped to catch Frost's eye. This was an even longer shot than that. Vince Kunaseck left a Cornhuskers hat, along with a note on the seat he vacated after watching Nebraska defeat Illinois on Saturday. That note spelled out why he was hoping the hat could find it's way to Frost and why it was so important that it did.

Bereaved family looking for a touching act

A student worker named Christian Reese-Newquist was cleaning up the stadium hours after the game. He told 10/11 News that he was the one who happened along the hat and the note that had not only been left behind but had miraculously not been taken or blown away in the heavy winter breeze that had been buffeting the stadium all day. The student said that when he first found the hat, he just thought he had found a free souvenir of his work, then he noticed the piece of paper attached to it. That note, written by Kunasceck said, "to whomever that finds this hat. Please try to get it to coach Frost for his autograph. It belonged to my lifelong friend and cousin who passed away shortly after the Ohio State game at the age of 62.

He left behind two daughters, a stepson he adopted and nine grandchildren. His name is Paul Renninger. Coach Frost can mail it back to me and I will see to his children get it. Paul was a huge Husker fan, this was his seat. My name is Vince Kunaseck..." and then he proceeded to give his home address so that coach Frost could get him the autographed hat back if he was willing to sign it.

Nebraska football stadium staff got the job done

Reese Newquist said he told his roommate, Taylor Freeman, to tweet the hat and the note out, in hopes that someone could then put them in touch with Frost.

That tweet went out Sunday night. Reese Newquist says by Monday morning there was a message from someone he had never met saying they were going to do everything they could to make the autograph happen. By Tuesday the hat had found it's way to Frost's desk who signed it and sent it on its way to Paul Renninger's family. Now safely in their hands, the story becomes one about the kindness of the people that surround the Nebraska football family. "I'm just grateful to Coach Frost for doing something like that for my dad," Renninger's daughter Nicki Gronenthal, said. Kunaseck added that the whole scenario made for a "pretty special day."