The Nebraska football team had been hoping that this weekend was going to be a very big recruiting weekend. Then, the game got moved to 11 AM, and there were more than a few recruits that decided they wouldn't be able to make the game. That doesn't mean the weekend is going to be a complete bust. At least one high school recruit has officially confirmed he'll be visiting Memorial Stadium on Saturday. Travion Ford will be taking in the Huskers on Saturday morning, even if the visit is technically an unofficial visit. Nebraska also offered a scholarship to a punter.

Nebraska football mining for the future

The reason that Travion Ford is taking an unofficial visit this weekend, is that he's not able to take an official one. The defensive end out of Missouri is part of the 2021 class. Despite the fact that he won't be able to sign on the dotted line for quite some time, he's still been one of the most sought-after pass rushers in the class. Because it's still pretty early for the 2021 class, he doesn't have a lot of offers just yet, but he has been visiting some of the best schools in the country.

The Huskers are one school that hasn't officially given Ford an offer.

It's a safe bet that they are waiting for him to see Lincoln before they give him an offer. It would be quite shocking if he left for home without the Huskers making sure he knows there's a spot on their roster. Last month, he went to see Alabama, up close and personal. The Crimson Tide haven't offered him a scholarship either, but it says something that they were wanting him to come to check out their home turf.

Scott Frost also showed kindness to a fan.

SEC schools are already in line for Travion Ford

Just because Alabama and the Nebraska football team haven't offered a scholarship to the defensive end yet, doesn't mean he's not a hot commodity. There is already a trio of SEC schools which have officially offered a scholarship. Kentucky, LSU, and Tennesee have all said they would like the 2021 prospect to be a part of their recruiting classes.

Interestingly enough, all three of those schools beat Missouri to the punch. The Tigers have something in common with the Cornhuskers, in that they are still biding their time before they give him an official offer.

The rush end certainly looks the part of a Power 5 prospect. If there is something against him, it might be he's a bit light. While he's already standing 6-4, he's only weighing in at 215 pounds. If he doesn't put 40 to 50 pounds on before he gets himself to college, it might be better for him to play linebacker than defensive end. It will be interesting to see where the Nebraska football program feels Travion Ford can play, should they finally make an official attempt at making him a member of their 2021 class.