The Nebraska football team has been ramping up its Junior College recruiting over the last month. There have been a number of players at several different positions that have all garnered offers from the Huskers recently. One has held an offer for a little while now but is looking at finally ending his recruitment. While Dru Mathis hasn't said when he will be committing, the linebacker out of Moorpark College has announced when he will be taking his final official visits. Those visits include a trip to Lincoln this Saturday, November 17 in order to watch the Cornhuskers take on the Michigan State Spartans.

This visit also happens to be taking place on Senior Day. All of that means Mathis is going to be checking out the Cornhuskers when that atmosphere in Memorial Stadium is about as hyped as it's been all season.

Nebraska football on display in a conference showdown

The Huskers might just be 3-7 on the season but they have shown their fans enough in the last four weeks that there is real excitement surrounding the final two weeks of the regular season. Michigan State hardly looking like a juggernaut is only fueling the fire that Nebraska could find a way to win out and finish the year 5-7. They will likely still miss a bowl game, but winning five of their last six (and that one loss being a five-point loss to Ohio State) is certainly a way for the program to finish up the year.

The excitement around Nebraska football right now is such that Dru Mathis should get the best Lincoln has to offer. That might be the difference in recruiting when looking at the schools that are competing against the Cornhuskers for the linebacker's services.

When looking at that final list, it's legitimately difficult to see just why he would pick any other contender over Scott Frost's team.

Dru Mathis could be best defensive JUCO grab of the class

One of the reasons the Cornhuskers have been working so hard at getting JUCO players into Lincoln is because they want to transform the team quickly.

It certainly appears Mathis would aid in that goal. Despite his Moorpark team being one of, if not the worst team in its division, the linebacker is still playing hard game in and game out. Through nine contests, the prospect has 70 total tackles and 5.5 sacks. He's second in the CCCAA for tackles and fifth in sacks. It's not a surprise then that the Nebraska football team is working hard to win him over and beat out TCU, Baylor and Illinois for his commitment. He's already taken his visit to see the Illini and plans to TCU on November 24. His final visit will be on December 1 to see the Baylor Bears. Then it could be a very short waiting game until the earning signing period and a final announcement from Dru Mathis.