There were major Houston Rockets NBA rumors over the past several weeks involving Carmelo Anthony. Finally, the headlines became true. It's been reported that Melo and the Rockets will officially part ways. That means the longtime NBA All-Star will be searching for a brand new team. Meanwhile, Houston will try to move on and pursue the NBA Championship as one of the legitimate threats in the Western Conference.

Carmelo Anthony's next NBA team odds

Just like there are betting odds for NBA games, there are betting odds for other situations in the NBA.

These include future odds for which teams players might join. Recently, there were odds released for Kevin Durant's next team when he becomes a free agent. As of Saturday (November 17), there were odds released for which team Carmelo Anthony will join now that he's leaving the Rockets.

Interestingly, it's not an NBA team that's leading the odds right now. Instead, the speculation is that Carmelo Anthony may take his talents to China. Right now, "Any Chinese Team" leads the NBA squads.

This is a strong possibility if there are no teams willing to take Melo on. Other veteran players have done the same including Stephon Marbury and Lamar Odom, to varying degrees of success.

However, the Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76ers are next in line on the odds to land Melo. It's possible that one of these squads could add Anthony to the roster as a boost to their current talent.

Philadelphia recently added All-Star Jimmy Butler to enhance their lineup and Melo could give them additional help. Right below the Sixers is also LeBron James and the Lakers at +500 odds.

Rockets moving forward

With the Carmelo Anthony situation seemingly resolved, Houston is now moving forward with the team they have in place.

Don't forget that this squad took the Golden State Warriors to the brink in last year's Western Conference Finals. They're still considered among the best in the West, despite recent struggles.

Right now, Houston is just 7-7 overall and outside of the top eight teams in the West standings. However, they've still got a pair of All-Star players in reigning NBA MVP James Harden and Chris Paul. They've also got Clint Capela in their starting lineup, a guy capable of strong performances on any night.

As of this report, the Vegas Insider lists the Houston Rockets at 14-1 odds to win the 2019 NBA Finals at the end of the season.

However, they are tied with the Lakers and Sixers, two teams that are considered "in the running" for Melo. Could the Rockets' loss be one of these team's gains?

So, will the Houston Rockets NBA rumors for Carmelo Anthony's next team become true? Fans from other NBA teams that could land Melo will be anxiously watching to see what transpires!