It's a new season, but there are NBA rumors involving Jimmy Butler once again. In previous seasons, rumors suggested that Butler was on the way out of Chicago. Usually, the rumors had him going to the Boston Celtics or another contender. He ended up getting traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves last summer during the NBA Draft night.

While Minnesota immediately became what looked like a contender, it's over a season later and Butler isn't happy. Now there are NBA rumors that he will be traded and the Philadelphia 76ers could be a landing spot.

Timberwolves not interested in Rockets' offer

One of the recent trade offers that made headlines involved the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves. Reportedly, Houston was willing to send two of their players and four first-round picks to the Timberwolves in exchange for Jimmy Butler. That's quite an offer but doesn't seem like it's anything Minnesota is in a rush to take.

NBA insider Shams Charania appeared on Stadium's "The Territory" on Friday to speak about the Jimmy Butler rumors. Charania said that Minnesota has "shown no inclination" when it comes to taking the deal offered by the Houston Rockets.

Charania went on to say the deal involves two injured players: Marquese Chriss and Brandon Knight.

There's no timetable for their returns. That can always be a dealbreaker for any team on the receiving end. That's especially true when giving up a player of Butler's caliber and having to wait for injured players to play or draft picks to materialize into worthy roster members.

Sixers 'identified' as a potential suitor

Since the Houston Rockets aren't making strides, that means other teams have a chance to make their best offers.

While no offers have been making headlines, another team has entered the mix: the Philadelphia 76ers. Charania indicated during his time on "The Territory" that other NBA teams are "identifying them as a team that could get involved here."

The Sixers have started their season with a record of just 2-3.

While it's only five games deep into the season, it's probably not the dominant look this emerging contender wanted. Adding Butler to their roster along with stars like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid could jumpstart their contender status that much more. Especially with teams like the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, and Detroit Pistons looking strong early.

So far in the young NBA season, the Timberwolves' Butler is averaging 24.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 3.5 assists. He's considered one of the best defenders in the league along with Kawhi Leonard and has been an All-Star multiple times. Adding him to a team of rising stars could go a long way in the Eastern Conference this season, although Philly also realizes there could be other stars to consider such as Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant.