It's no surprise there's talk of Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors after this season. KD was recently part of a very public argument during his team's loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. During the late part of that game, he and teammate Draymond Green were in a shouting match over who should have had the ball in the final seconds. Both players believed they were right, and the arguing extended post-game to the locker room. Green had choice words for KD, which led to reports that he told him to leave the Warriors. It resulted in the Warriors suspending Green, and may now lead to Kevin Durant joining a new team.

Enter the Los Angeles Lakers.

NBA odds on KD's next team

Every season there is that talk of star players leaving their current teams as free agents. In this past summer, that was the case for LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers star was expected to leave as a free agent and did just that. While the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers were considered potential options, James chose to head to Magic Johnson's L.A. Lakers. Odds were in favor of that

That's why it's not surprising to see there are NBA betting odds for which team KD is heading to next. Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers lead all options, which would be quite the team-up. In fact, a former Cavs teammate believes a superteam is on the way for James.

Vegas also sees that happening next year.

The odds listed above show off a number of teams, and it's clear that Kevin Durant has a major decision on the way.

Of course, he and the Golden State Warriors are suggesting that is far from his mind right now.

Warriors still in NBA title pursuit

The continued goal for the Golden State Warriors is winning another NBA Championship. The odds are in favor of Kevin Durant doing that at all of the sportsbooks too. As far as contenders go, the Lakers aren't currently in that picture, although teams like the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors are.

With that said, Kevin Durant may decide to make the move next summer. Los Angeles Lakers fans would welcome him to the team with open arms, as he and LeBron could take the league by storm. It may mean shedding some of their current talents or giving a pay cut to some stars, but Magic Johnson would also welcome an additional superstar in L.A.

Other teams with potential for KD

In addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, several other teams are popping up on the radar as landing spots for Kevin Durant.

They include the New York Knicks, who have already started advertising via billboards to bring the NBA star to NYC. Also on the odds are the Warriors.

It's entirely possible that Golden State could get Durant to stay for an additional season to help them add a history-making fourth-straight championship. Time will tell if things smooth out between KD and Green, and if the Warriors can bring home another title to the Bay area this season.