Seattle Mariners trade rumors continue to float around Major League Baseball. Now, Jean Segura and Kyle Seager have been mentioned as possible players the Mariners might deal during the offseason. In a report by Jason Martinez, he links the San Diego Padres as a team that could easily slot Segura and Seager into its infield.

At the start of the MLB offseason, Mariners rumors indicated that the team might be looking to deal a high number of its veteran players. This news caught a lot of Mariners fans off-guard, as it looked like the roster was just a player or two away from making it back to the postseason.

Then, Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto traded catcher Mike Zunino to the Tampa Bay Rays, possibly starting a trend of rebuilding the team this offseason.

Exploring these new Mariners trade rumors

As Jason Martinez has indicated, and rightfully so, the price tag for Jean Segura would be quite high. He also suggests that it shouldn't be a problem for the Padres, as long as the team is willing to cover his almost $15MM annual salary for the next four years. Likewise, Kyle Seager is also owed a lot of money, with about $60MM on his contract to be paid through the 2021 MLB season.

From the standpoint of the Mariners, if the team was able to shed the salaries of both Seager and Segura in the same trade, while also bringing back a lot of prospects and young players, this might be the type of deal that Jerry Dipoto is looking for in the offseason.

It might be really hard for Mariners fans to take, as it would remove the entire left-side of the starting infield, but it would certainly put the team back on a path to saving money and getting younger.

The James Paxton trade rumors

Many sports show on television and quite a few online sources are stating that a James Paxton trade is coming from the Seattle Mariners.

An earlier report by the Sporting News listed Paxton as one of the players that the New York Yankees could pursue in the offseason. There was even chatter that the Mariners and Yankees had official talks about the veteran pitcher getting a new zip code. The Yankees are just one of several teams that have keen interest in the left-hander.

If the Mariners do pull the trigger on dealing a player like Paxton, who continues to be a fan-favorite at Safeco Field, Dipoto will have to make sure that the team is getting a lot of value in return. Especially if he seriously considers trading Paxton to the Houston Astros, like several rumors have indicated. While the Mike Zunino trade seemed to come together very quickly, that might not be the case with Paxton. Fans of the team should buckle up, because there are going to be a lot more Seattle Mariners trade rumors before Spring Training finally rolls around again.