Farrah Abraham quit her boxing match without putting up a fight against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, as she promised. The match was set for Atlantic City on November 10, but she threw in the towel, giving up on promoters pulling through on their end to hold up the deal. The adult entertainer made outlandish demands, however, according to promoters Damon Feldman and Samantha Goldberg. Abraham announced on November 2 that she backed out of the boxing match. Her father, Michael Abraham, stated to media that one of the reasons was the referee that fight organizers signed on is a star of the “Mob Wives,” Drita D’Avanzo.

Abraham and D’Avanzo have history

Abraham and D’Avanzo have some history. The two women had quite a sparring match on social media, with D’Avanzo stating that she wanted to deliver a super smack-down to Abraham.

When Abraham agreed to the boxing match with Hoopz, the “Mob Wives” star was not in the picture. She is firmly into the fight now, however. She appealed to the fight decision-makers with a video pitch to referee the match. She was accepted and is all-in, as is Hoopz.

Anti-bullying awareness is reason for the fight

Abraham, 27, conveyed that her reason for putting on the gloves was to take a stand and raise awareness about anti-bullying. But she has bailed. Hoopz has not given up. Hoops has stated that she will be in Atlantic City, despite what Abraham did or did not do.

Hoopz will be in the ring for the cause, and “not because of Farrah,” she posted to her Twitter account.

Fans and social media followers know that Abraham and D’Avanzo have not exactly seen eye-to-eye in the past. But, then, the former “Teen Mom” also has not exactly been the easiest on her mother, Debra, her former co-stars, or MTV.

Well, everyone probably gets the bigger picture. Some might even see a pattern emerging. Abraham’s father, Michael, told Radar Online that his daughter was “set up” by fight organizers who accepted D’Avanzo to officiate. D’Avanzo assured that she would be fair in her role as referee, though.

‘Mob Wives’ star is a plus for viewers

Fight organizers probably selected D’Avanzo, who has the ability to draw viewers. Her animated speech, along with her spirited and high-energy personality attracts people, wondering what she may say next. She brings excitement to viewers of “Mob Wives,” for instance.

The father and daughter duo might say a lot of things but have offered no tangible proof of a setup. What people can see objectively is Farrah Abraham’s past actions, which could also be viewed by many as an indicator of future behavior. Plenty of social media followers were skeptical that she would even show up for the fight.

Social media predicted she would not take the ring

On her Instagram account, Abraham shared a photo on October 29, that was taken with her daughter, Sophia. She captioned it, “Remember boo [Sophia] momma said knock'em out.” Mother and daughter are both sporting boxing gear.

The caption does not stand up to what many of her followers have been predicting all along. “I knew she would back out of the fight somehow and she did!” commented @janetlwebb56. Another user (@alymarie_83) remarked, “I knew you would back out of it.

You were looking for attention again.” The refrain is carried on her own social media while her father thinks people will believe the boxing match was “set up”? Come on, get real!

World does not spin on ex-reality star’s choices

Just as it did not take MTV very long to replace Abraham on its “Teen Mom OG” reality show, it did not take fight promoters long to find a good replacement for her to make the match in Atlantic City. The world does not spin on its axis based on a former reality star.

Hoopz will be fighting Natalie DiDonato, another “Mob Wives” star, Hollywood Unlocked reported. No one sees Hoopz running scared or claiming that the fight is somehow rigged before it ever starts.

Abraham, like Ray J, backed out of the fight

Additionally, D’Avanzo was chosen to referee the match after Ray J “backed out over payment issues, according to Hollywood Unlocked and TMZ.

The fight is for a worthy cause, one that is not dependent on whether Abraham honors her commitment. Chances are, she already has her eye on her next project anyway. Uh-huh. Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates and for the latest information.