The fight in Atlantic City between Farrah Abraham and Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is off, says Farrah Abraham. She signed up to enter the ring on November 10 but asserts that the promoter is not holding up his end of the deal. Fight promoter Damon Feldman reportedly assured that the adult entertainment worker’s family would receive hotel accommodations, as well as, travel to see the fight and tickets for the match-up with Hoopz, according to Hollywood Unlocked.

Promoter fights back, saying no fight will land a lawsuit

Feldman, however, assures that he will sue the former “Teen Mom” If she backs out of the fight, The Blast reported.

He is not talking about a few coins either. If he sues, he stated that it will be for millions of dollars. The boxing match promoter characterized Farrah’s demands as “outlandish.”

The Blast did not draw its reporting from second-hand sources. The publication went straight to Damon Feldman and Samantha Goldberg, the promoters, along with their lawyer Tony List. The trio contends that they “bent over backwards” to fulfill Farrah’s demands. They consider themselves “flabbergasted” by her assertion that she is getting a raw deal.

Farrah’s mother claims broken deal was no bargain

Farrah and her mother, Debra, are just as firm in their belief that the promoters are reneging on their end of the bargain.

Debra is confident that her daughter cannot be sued by the Feldman and Goldberg, since they did not honor their promises that would have taken Farrah to center ring, OK! Magazine wrote.

No fight, no ‘Mob Wives’ star to officiate

The dissension comes just one day after it was announced that Drita D’Avanzo agreed to officiate the boxing match. That alone would have been totally worth the viewing.

Drita is a spirited and spunky woman – with a lot of fight packed into a petite, but well-toned, physique. Never underestimate the powerhouse Drita represents. Plus, Drita is fun to hear and watch – a no holds barred, take no prisoners type of woman.

Drita wanted to deliver a sample of her fight to Farrah

Drita might be best known, to many people, for her stardom on “Mob Wives,” which also rocks. She and Farrah definitely had a fair share of sparring taking place outside the ring. Threats were flying on social media, with Drita wanting to show Farrah what she is made of in terms of packing a mean punch - or a few. Their online exchanges, though, did not amount to an in-person smackdown.

With time passing between their fiery exchanges, Drita seemed to relax a bit.

Initially, Farrah went to the extent of actually wanting her social media nemesis “banned” from attending the boxing match, The Blast pointed out. Say it ain’t so! Sometimes it is cool to see who attends a fight, such as famous people. Getting to see and hear their reactions as the fight goes down can be just as much of a sport as the match between fighters.

‘Mob Wives’ star pitched herself to decision-makers

Well, Drita smoothed things over by sharing a video, appealing to the fight’s decision-makers. She sold them on the idea that she sincerely wanted to officiate. The rest would have been history but now there is the rift between Farrah and the fight organizers.

The fight, which both contenders trained for rather intensely, was scheduled for live broadcast by FITE TV.

Right now, it is anyone’s guess whether the fight will be called off completely.

Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates and for the latest information. In additional, unrelated news, South Boston mobster James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger, 89, was killed in prison by inmates who put a lock in a sock. He was attacked so savagely that authorities stated that Bulger was unrecognizable. He died on October 30.