Farrah Abraham is done with the boxing match, which she announced on November 2. The adult entertainer claims that the promoters did not hold up their end of the contract for her to enter the boxing ring in a match with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

Abraham dropped the news that she was throwing in the towel the same day that Drita D’Avanzo relayed her good news about officially refereeing the match. For D’Avanzo's social media followers, it was exciting when she shared on Instagram that she found out from Wendy Williams that she was actually the fight officiate.

D’Avanzo effectively pitched herself to referee

After heated online exchanges with Abraham, online, a while back, D’Avanzo had a chance to kick back and decompress. She made a video pitch to the fight’s decision-makers, who concluded that she was sincere in her video. She was it – the fight referee.

Then, along came Abraham, with the claim that promoters Damon Feldman and Samantha Goldberg failed to live up to their agreement with her. The duo of promoters has disputed Abraham's allegations. They even said that they did their utmost to meet her demands to accommodate her family and friends, who would be guests for the fight on November 10.

Response to demands was the deal-breaker

According to Perez Hilton, the ex-MTV star expected Feldman and Goldberg to provide “32 hotel rooms.” Wow, that number in itself is a huge demand.

She also believed she was receiving six airline tickets, along with a score of fight tickets. What? No massage with all of that?

Feldman’s response was not what Abraham wanted to hear. He could not provide everything she sought. Boom!

That was the end of the boxing match, according to Abraham. The promoters state that they will file a lawsuit if she is a no-show in the ring. If she does not make the match in Atlantic City, one of the parties will have breached the contract. Here’s hoping that it does not come to that, though.

Hoopz is standing by cause for the fight

Hoopz intends to honor her commitment to the fight in Atlantic City, on the date everyone previously said was good to go. Her statement, which was posted on her Twitter account, is rather pointed and poignant. Hoopz commented, “We agreed because of the cause not because of Farrah.”

The point of the fight was to heighten awareness about anti-bullying, an issue that Abraham has proclaimed feeling passionate about thwarting. Come on, people have been looking forward to the match. With D’Avanzo as referee, her presence would elevate the excitement.

She has already promised she will not engage in a physical smack-down with Abraham, and that she will be fair in officiating.

Father claims D'Avanzo might ‘bring weapons’

Abraham’s parents have publicly addressed the dispute between their daughter and the promoters. Debra Danielson, her mom, stated, “We’re used to being treated properly,” Newsweek noted. She is confident that if her daughter does not show up to fight in Atlantic City, that there will not be a fight.

Abraham’s father, Michael, took his statement even broader. He openly said that D’Avanzo is one of the reasons that his daughter quit the fight – before round one!

He rationalized that D’Avanzo “could bring weapons or whatever,” according to Newsweek. He also characterized her as “out of control.” Really? His daughter seems to have been guilty of that while at the Polo Lounge in The Beverly Hills Hotel for a business meeting in June.

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