It was just a matter of time. LaVar Ball was very vocal last year about the Los Angeles Lakers and when LeBron James arrived, it was clear that he was going to keep talking. It only took a short losing streak and a closed-door meeting between president Magic Johnson and coach Luke Walton for Ball to start up again.

After begging the Lakers to sign LeBron in the offseason, LaVar got his wish and then watched Los Angeles bench his son and move him to the second team when the season started. Now that Lonzo Ball is back in the starting lineup, LaVar still feels he is being underutilized and wants major changes made.

LaVar Ball wants to coach the Los Angeles Lakers

In possibly the funniest comment of LaVar Ball's career in an NBA sideshow act, he said that the Los Angeles Lakers could make him the head coach and they would win more games. As a matter of fact, LaVar went on to say that he could do a better job coaching the Lakers with his eyes closed than Luke Walton is doing right now.

LaVar Ball said that there is no way that the Lakers should be struggling with the best player in the NBA (LeBron James) playing with last year's second pick in the NBA Draft (his son Lonzo Ball). He then emphasized that the way that Luke Walton is using Lonzo Ball is why the Lakers are losing.

LaVar also ripped LeBron James during the Lakers tough start.

Ball said in an interview with DAZN that LeBron James is lucky that Lonzo Ball is in Los Angeles because that takes pressure off LeBron. LaVar also said that Kobe Bryant never missed the free throws that LeBron has missed since joining the Lakers.

How would LaVar coach the Lakers?

LaVar Ball sees himself as a visionary. He started his own Big Baller League and coaches the team his other two sons play for.

That, to him, makes him an expert at coaching strategy.

Ball said that you don't take someone as valuable as Lonzo Ball out of the game. According to LaVar, his son is a "special" player that makes everyone around him better. LaVar said that the Los Angeles Lakers should create a rotation of three players to play around LeBron James and Lonzo Ball and keep those two players in the lineup.

LaVar Ball also said the Los Angeles Lakers should have a rotation of eight players rather than 12, even if it makes some players unhappy. LaVar said that he doesn't know how a team with LeBron James and Lonzo Ball can't win an NBA Championship.

Lonzo Ball and the Lakers

In his rookie season, Lonzo Ball averaged 34.2 minutes a game and averaged 10.2 points and 6.9 rebounds a game. This season, with LeBron James as the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo is averaging 26.6 minutes, 9.6 points and 4.3 assists a game.

Lonzo Ball has improved, as he is hitting 46-percent of his shots whereas he only hit 36-percent in his rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he ranks ninth on the Lakers team for field goal percentage, a full 10-percent lower than Rajon Rondo.

Lonzo Ball is the young star for the Los Angeles Lakers, but one hopes that LaVar Ball doesn't start to cause too big a distraction or LeBron James might take a stand and shut him down.