During Saturday night's Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers game, a small brawl broke out on the court. The Rockets' Chris Paul and the Lakers' Rajon Rondo were at the center of the fight. The aftermath included three players receiving ejections from the game with suspensions looming. Part of the Rondo vs Paul fight may have involved spitting too, but Rondo said otherwise. Below is the latest on all of the drama that went down in the Rockets vs Lakers game Saturday night.

Rockets vs Lakers fight

There seem to be a lot of variables involved in the big NBA fight that happened on Saturday night.

The biggest evidence seen on the video included Brandon Ingram being called for a foul and shoving James Harden after the whistle. Ingram also got in the referee's face over the call. Teammates calmed Ingram down and got him to back off.

Things seemed to simmer down as Ingram backed away. However, that was just the start as another altercation emerged between Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo. The cameras weren't initially on the action, but replays showed Paul and Rondo in each other's faces. Paul poked a finger in Rondo's face several times, leading to punches being thrown. Rondo landed a shot, and then Ingram rushed back over to throw one from a distance. It led to Twitter reactions to the fight as fans at home watched it go down.

One of the biggest contentions with the fight involves whether or not Rajon Rondo spit on Chris Paul during the brawl. Videos from different angles and post-game comments seem to suggest he didn't. Rondo also denied it, but Paul vehemently believed he did.

Fight video may prove Rondo spit

After the two NBA fighters had been pulled apart, commentators began to talk about what may have happened.

Several times, Mike Breem and the "NBA on ESPN" commentators said Chris Paul claimed Rondo spit on him. Rajon Rondo reportedly said that never happened, although Carmelo Anthony believes it did. A new video of the fight also emerged in which it appears Paul may be right.

If Rondo deliberately spat on CP3, which it seems many sources are saying he didn't, he may be due for a lengthier suspension than Chris Paul.

However, it's still up for debate as the NBA is investigating the matter. Nonetheless, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, and Brandon Ingram are all going to be sitting out at least a few games each. The NBA is likely to hand out their decision about the NBA fight in the coming day or so. Stay tuned for the latest NBA drama as the games and season continue!