The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets game broke down into a massive fight that resulted in three players booted out of the game. The brawl saw Brandon Ingram try to instigate a fight which led to Rajon Rondo throwing a punch at Chris Paul and LeBron James having to pull his close friend Paul out of the fight. Now, one day later, the NBA has handed down its suspensions.

The Lakers and Rockets fight

The fight started after a hustle play where James Harden wanted a foul called on Brandon Ingram. While Harden was protesting the play to the officials, Ingram walked up behind him and shoved him.

The Houston Rockets players then raced to Harden's defense as the star player walked off and the Los Angeles Lakers responded as well.

Chris Paul was not happy with Brandon Ingram pushing Harden and got in his face. That brought in Rajon Rondo to take up for his teammate. What the fans saw on TV next was Paul shove his finger in Rondo's face and then Rondo threw a punch.

LeBron James pulled his friend Chris Paul back before CP3 could do something he might regret. Rajon Rondo said the only reason he threw the punch was that Paul poked him in the face and left a cut with his fingernail

However, Chris Paul claims that Rajon Rondo spit in his face while they were arguing about the Brandon Ingram incident.

A video hit Twitter that showed the alleged spitting incident, that was then followed by Paul pointing his finger in Rondo's face and then Rondo throwing the punch.

For their part, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton told ESPN in his press conference on Sunday that Rajon Rondo did not spit in Chris Paul's face.

Walton also said that the team was moving on from the incident and took care of it internally.

However, the NBA had other plans and the Los Angeles Lakers internal punishment was not enough.

The NBA suspension

The NBA passed down their suspension on Sunday afternoon concerning the fight between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Brandon Ingram will be suspended four games for starting the fight, Rajon Rondo will get a three-game suspension for throwing a punch and Chris Paul will get two games for shoving his finger in the face of Rondo.

Rajon Rondo denied spitting and the punishments seem to fit the initial actions. Brandon Ingram not only started the fight but he threw additional punches later. Rajon Rondo, spit or not, threw a punch, and Chris Paul shoved his finger in Rondo's face.

It is early in the season, so these suspensions won't hurt much but the Los Angeles Lakers will have to rely more on Lonzo Ball for their next three games and losing Brandon Ingram as well will also make it very hard for them to compete.