Twitter reactions to Rajon Rondo vs Chris Paul NBA fight

Rondo and Paul got into a heated exchange with Brandon Ingram also playing a part on October 20.

During Saturday night's Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers game, fans not only saw some NBA highlights but a bit of a brawl. An NBA fight involving Rajon Rondo vs. Chris Paul [VIDEO] broke out, with LeBron James having to calm down CP3. Brandon Ingram also decided to throw a punch into the crowd, landing it on CP3's face from afar. Twitter gave their reactions to what went down.


Ingram with the long jab

Brandon Ingram is known for his length and wingspan on the court, making him effective on both sides of the ball. It also came in handy, as it allowed him to throw a punch from what seemed like a mile from Chris Paul.


Lonzo waiting in the wings

Lonzo Ball and LeBron James seemed to pretty much fade into obscurity for a bit with the headlines. That's gonna change, as Ball will get the starting job while Rondo is suspended for who knows how many games.


Mayweather likes what he sees

This fan wisely pointed out that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was watching from the sidelines, gleefully. The undefeated boxing champion was loving what he saw, apparently. No word, yet, on whether or not Mayweather will book a boxing match with any of the competitors.


CP3 hustlin in the locker room for retaliation

There's a secret tunnel at the Staples Center that apparently connects both teams' locker rooms. This fan felt Chris Paul was probably using that tunnel to make a quick dash for the Lakers' locker room to find Rondo.


That LeBron look of disapproval

In this movie clip, one Twitter user summed up what LeBron would be like after the game. Most likely, Rondo knows what he did and maybe will get the silent treatment for a bit.

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