In 2018 preseason, Nathan Peterman appeared to be the best quarterback as he played against vanilla defenses. Things all came crashing down in week 1, when he faced a Baltimore Ravens defense that held him to just 24 yards passing and picked him off twice. Bills fans had thought they had seen the last of Peterman after that game, but he returned to action against the Texans after a Josh Allen injury.

Nathan Peterman's Performance

Peterman started off well, tossing a beautiful touchdown pass to Zay Jones on a 3rd and 11. That touchdown pass gave the Bills a 13-10 lead, their first of the whole day.

The defense managed to get a stop on the next possession, and Peterman's offense effectively ran down the clock. On a 3rd and 2 play, the Bills didn't even try to pick up the first down, as Chris Ivory just ran up the middle for no gain.

Unfortunately, the Texans marched straight downfield and got to the 1-yard-line. But a Bills goal line stand left the game tied at 13 with under 2 minutes to go. Peterman had a chance to win the game but had no timeouts to work with. Instead of moving the ball downfield, Nathan threw a terrible pass that resulted in 7 points for the Texans. His second pick would seal the deal for the Texans, who managed to win the game in spite of Buffalo's excellent defensive performance.

Josh Allen Injury Status

According to Sean McDermott, Josh Allen is "week to week."

He was hit hard on a play by the Texans defense and Allen was not able to enter the game after that hit. Usually, week to week means that a player will be out in the week directly following the injury.

It might be wise for the Bills to let him get healthy, especially with a 2-4 record. However, that would likely leave the Bills with just one option at quarterback: Nathan Peterman.

When the Bills went out and signed Derek Anderson, it was purely so that Josh Allen could learn from a veteran guy. Anderson was only signed in week 6, and it's not likely he knows the entire playbook just yet.

But could the Bills really think that trotting Nathan Peterman back out there against the Colts on Sunday is a good decision? McDermott doesn't have a problem with it.

It's hard to believe that Peterman is still on the roster, but to start him again? That would seem like pure insanity. At this point, Bills fans would probably like to see ANY other quarterback take the field. Here's a live reaction from Bills fans after the Houston game:

In any case, it would be a mistake of epic proportions to send Nathan Peterman out against the Colts.

It would essentially suggest that Buffalo is just accepting a loss against a Colts team that has struggled for the entire season. Let's just hope McDermott makes the right decision and leaves Peterman on the bench this Sunday.