Last month, fans watched as things got heated in the 2018 NBA Finals matchup involving Cleveland and Golden State. The Warriors were able to embarrass their opponents in a four-game sweep. It created plenty of tension on the court, as egos were hurt and trash talking was unleashed. One particular incident that saw Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green nearly brawl on the court led to them having a brawl a month later, off the court. Luckily, their teammates, or former teammates, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, were on hand to break things up. When James isn't busy helping schools, he is breaking up fights.

NBA finals incidents led to a brawl

Game 1 saw Cleveland's chances of pulling off a win evaporate in a regulation meltdown. With the Golden State Warriors closing in on an overtime win, tempers started to flare. Shaun Livingston took a shot with 2.6 seconds left rather than letting the shot clock run out. As he took the shot, he was also shoved by a forearm/elbow from Tristan Thompson.

That led to the referee quickly blowing the whistle. Thompson was ejected for the foul. Green clapped and waved goodbye to his opponent, prompting the Cavs' big man to take exception. Thompson shoved the basketball in Draymond's face before other players rushed over to make sure no major fight happened. Soon after, Thompson was escorted off the court and went back to the locker room.

The Warriors went on to win the series in a sweep. The two players didn't seem to make amends. A report from Complex indicates that Green refused to accept Thompson's handshake after Game 4. The Warriors' All-Star said later that he told Thompson, "He tried to shake my hand, I said 'Tristan, we ain't cut the same."

LeBron, KD intervened in club brawl

Reportedly, things carried over from the finals to a month later in a Los Angeles nightclub.

It was the night of the "ESPYs," ESPN's annual awards show, in that area. FOX's Jason McIntyre tweeted about that July 18 fight which reportedly involved Green attempting to apologize to Thompson in the L.A. club. Unfortunately, Thompson was still irritated after what happened following Game 4, and started to let Green know his thoughts.

That resulted in a brawl.

Thompson managed to sock Green with a "two-piece" according to the reports. Green didn't drop after the hit landed, though. With the two players possibly about to fight some more, two of the NBA's biggest superstars were nearby to prevent it. Reportedly, LeBron James and Kevin Durant helped to break up the fight. Shortly after that, LeBron was said to have made his exit from the club unharmed.

NBA stars ready to move on?

The fact that LeBron is friends with Draymond Green off the court makes it seem like he didn't want to stick around for any more incidents. However, one has to applaud James for doing his part to prevent something serious from affecting fellow NBA stars. The same can be said for Kevin Durant, who has been involved in a Twiter feud. Durant has been called "soft" by some fans or a "cupcake." It's clear that these two stars might get into their share of trash talk on the court, but off the court, they try to keep things from escalating between their colleagues.

It's unknown if there have been any further developments in this latest saga involving Thompson and Green.

However, LeBron won't be on the court for his former Cavs' teammate this season, due to his new spot on the Lakers' roster. Thompson will need someone else to play the role of mediator in those tough Warriors matchups.