NBA superstar LeBron James received plenty of hate when he opted to leave Cleveland for the second time in his career. However, the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers is still doing good for his home area. King James recently opened up a new school in Akron, Ohio. The public school is the I Promise School, which will allow 240 at-risk students to receive an education. Despite the hate LeBron James gets from some fans like when he got heckled at his son's game, there are plenty of his NBA colleagues giving him praise for the inspiring venture.

Stephen Curry, D-Wade, and others react

There's been no love lost between LeBron James and Stephen Curry during their time in the NBA. The two have met up in the last four NBA finals, and for the most part were part of the spotlight. In the most recent edition of the finals, Curry and James got into a bit of trash talking. They still appear to be friendly off the court, though, and Curry was among those giving LeBron props.

Even though the two have been rivals, and will see each other more during the regular season now, Stephen Curry probably sees LeBron as a mentor. Curry has also been doing his part to help others and will probably continue to do so thanks to the inspiring efforts of James.

LeBron played alongside Dwyane Wade in their championship runs back in Miami. The two teamed up again for a bit last season in Cleveland, but then D-Wade returned to his Miami team before potential retirement. James' good friend praised him for the impact he's making with his legacy.

In addition to those two NBA stars, several others posted on social media.

Houston Rockets star Chris Paul offered his thoughts. CP3 said on Twitter, "CONGRATULATIONS my brother!!! You are a man of your word! Proud of you for chasing your dreams and in turn, giving the opportunity to hundreds of kids to realize theirs."

Former Cavs' teammate Isaiah Thomas also chimed in saying LeBron is "You inspire the whole world killa.

Keep it going as I know you will. Generation after generation going to feel this one![sic]" Another former teammate, Larry Nance Jr., called LeBron opening the new school, "Amazing."

Others who reacted to LeBron news

Now that he's left Cleveland again, LeBron James will suit up for the Los Angeles Lakers next season. The signing has plenty of Lakers fans thrilled to see what the King can bring to their city. One of his new bosses from L.A. was quick to offer praise for the new school opening in Ohio. Lakers controlling owner and president Jeanie Buss posted her thoughts on Twitter as well.

In addition to Buss, LeBron's new teammate Josh Hart was on Twitter to react.

Hart is looking forward to an upcoming season in which he'll get to team up with James on the Lakers. The NBA Summer League MVP congratulated LeBron, calling him "A role model on and off the court #MoreThanAnAthlete."

ESPN's Jemelle Hill also posted on Twitter. As with the other messages from NBA stars past and present, Hill celebrated LeBron for what he did back where his origin story started.

The main message that comes through in the majority of the posts, is that LeBron James is using his legacy to build more than just a brand.

With the opening of the new public school, he's helping to educate and inspire future generations to make the right moves. One can't say enough about what he's doing off the court, regardless of what anyone thinks of his NBA decisions or career.

Even with people burning jerseys in Cleveland or Miami, or trying to repeatedly vandalize the LeBron Lakers art in Los Angeles, that doesn't appear to be stopping the King in doing what he can to give back.