The NBA offseason has been hectic so far. Unexpected moves have taken place, with players like Paul George choosing to stay in OKC, and others signing needed offensive players, like Michael Beasley signing with the Los Angeles Lakers to help LeBron James. DeMarcus Cousins made the unfavorable choice to play for the Warriors and Tony Parker chose to leave the Spurs. One of the biggest debacles of the past season was the situation between the San Antonio Spurs and Kawhi Leonard. Recent reports indicate that although Leonard was traded to the Toronto Raptors, he still wishes to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lakers or Clippers still the mission

Although Kawhi Leonard was just traded to the Toronto Raptors this summer, he still has intentions to sign with either the Clippers or Lakers, according to a source by the Sports Daily. The Raptors have changed a lot around from firing head coach Dwane Casey and getting rid of the face of their franchise in DeMar DeRozan. They figured a change needed to be made.

The Raptors surely made a risky move in acquiring the forward, knowing that he has the Lakers at the forefront, saying it many times during the past season and in the offseason that he wanted to go there. The article lists that according to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, "Leonard is still expected to make the move his hometown next summer to join the Los Angeles Lakers or L.A.


He can choose to either play with LeBron James or go to the Clippers and be the main star there. Both are enticing destinations for the player, as both are in his hometown.


With all decisions in the NBA and from what has transpired in the offseason, anything can really happen. The Raptors would have to make a big impression on the player to persuade him to stay, but it is very well possible, as Paul George, after expressing interest to sign with his hometown Lakers, chose to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder and compete for a championship.

An article by Express lists that the Lakers are at the center of Leonard's wishes. It states: "It was widely reported that Leonard holds a desire to head to Los Angeles, with a supposed preference to join the Lakers." But Lakers fans have been wondering if they can get other players, like Klay Thompson, the streaky shooter on the Golden State Warriors.

Some conflicting reports indicate that the Raptors could persuade Leonard to stay, with the article stating "Some reports have since reported Leonard is likely to stay in Toronto, leading to Laker fans running wild on who they could possibly get as a top free agent."

If the Raptors do well, being in the Eastern Conference, and with how much easier it is than playing in the West, it could convince Kawhi Leonard to stay put there. Toronto is also a terrific place. The team finished the regular season at the top of the conference, but seem to always come up short in the playoffs. Leonard could change all that. Some fans are disappointed that DeMar DeRozan was traded, but Leonard is regarded as one of the best players in the league with his special defense and improved offensive game.