It's still early for LeBron James Jr. in terms of his Basketball career, but that doesn't mean that haters aren't emerging. The son of superstar LeBron James was in action recently and watched his game get canceled due to a man heckling his father. Meanwhile, Bronny also showed off some of his sick moves during a game which happened just days before that.

Woman heckles Bronny, silenced by the skills

LeBron James Jr., or Bronny, is a star on the AAU team the North Coast Bluechips. Just days ago, a video emerged showing off highlights from the game.

Coaching from the sidelines was Lakers star, LeBron James. He watched as his son was heckled by a woman on the sidelines wearing a "Real Moms of Basketball" shirt. It's possible she's auditioning for a future reality show.

LeBron James Sr. seemed to laugh off the woman's heckling as he joked around with some other people sitting near him. Meanwhile, his son Bronny James, who could someday play for the Lakers, was showing people something from his arsenal of moves. He put a move on that resulted in one defender falling clumsily to the hardwood. Ankles officially broken?

The game ended up with the Bluechips team winning easily. That seemed to silence one heckler, who was intent on throwing off the team's attempts to win.

However, they don't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

LeBron Sr. heckled, game canceled

The New York Post reported that a man in attendance at another AAU game was continuously heckling Bronny's dad, LeBron James. That heckler was even wearing a Michael Jordan jersey. That ultimately resulted in the man being removed and he was no longer allowed in the gym.

However, the man wouldn't settle down and continued to argue and yell at security. Both teams had to clear out of the venue and the game was canceled.

Luckily, LeBron James, who recently signed with the Lakers, and his family were able to leave the premises unharmed.

The new L.A. Lakers star was attending the game with his wife Savannah, along with their daughter Zhuri. They all exited through a side door. It's probably not the last time he's going to be subject to heckling in the coming year, as he now plays for a Lakers franchise with plenty of haters.

The AAU features basketball players age 13-and-under. However, a man decided to take things a bit too far by going at King James with his antics. While LeBron can shake that off, it still had its impact. Unfortunately, it resulted in an entire kids' basketball game being scratched for that day.

Heckling going too far?

Both instances show just how passionate parents can be when it comes to their kids' performances.

Whether it be a school play, recreational sports, or other competitions, sometimes it goes just a bit too far. In some cases, it means those kids are unable to complete a game they were competing in. That's when it appears to be going too far. It's actually surprising that the AAU allows parents at games to heckle any children on the court.

It's not surprising that LeBron James gets heckled, as he's been subject to that throughout his career. However, he's taught his son well, because it's best to let the skills on the court do the talking. Hopefully, Bronny will develop a strong skin and be able to handle future hecklers without a second thought about them.