One of the biggest stories for the NBA offseason is going to continue to be which team LeBron James plays for. Until he finally makes his decision publicly known, there will be speculation and it will probably come in waves. As of right now, it's been said that LeBron hasn't made a decision. That is mostly due to the fact that there are other players in the league that could impact the decision. FS1's Chris Broussard recently provided some insight on just one player that could impact LeBron's decision.

LeBron could be impacted by CP3

According to Bleacher Report, Chris Broussard appeared on Friday's episode of FS1's "Undisputed." During his discussion of the topic of LeBron James' big decision, Broussard said "The King" has yet to decide because "there are so many moving parts." That includes recent rumors that there may be "tension" between Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets.

Upon Skip Bayless asking for elaboration on what that might mean for LeBron, Broussard said maybe it would end up meaning CP3 heads to Los Angeles. Broussard said another possibility is it means LeBron teams up with CP3 somewhere, possibly on the Lakers. Or, if Houston doesn't give CP3 his max contract extension and he leaves the Rockets, it could mean LeBron decides to try his luck as James Harden's teammate.

Broussard mentioned he doesn't believe LeBron James is going to the Houston Rockets, though. He basically reiterated the fact that James has a lot going into this latest decision.

That goes beyond what happens with Chris Paul.

More parts of LeBron's decision

LeBron James indicated, during a press conference after his team lost in the 2018 NBA Finals, that this would be an easier decision to make than he did in 2010. That was when LeBron announced he was taking his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat.

He ultimately returned to Cleveland after winning two rings with the Heat and won his first with the Cavs a few years ago.

However, his team has now failed to capture the title in two-straight trips to the NBA Finals. The Cavs roster has been rebooted more than once. Cleveland had the No. 8 pick in this year's draft, held onto it, and picked up Alabama guard Collin Sexton, who they believe will aid them in their winning ways.

Some feel that LeBron won't believe that a rookie guard is enough to take him to another NBA trophy.

Other parts of LeBron's decision will involve him gathering input from his family. However, there's also been mentions that he was going to meet with Paul George over the summer about teaming up. Possibly, the duo would both sign to play with Magic Johnson's Lakers.

According to USA Today, there's also the ongoing situation where Kawhi Leonard is unhappy in San Antonio. The Spurs may decide to trade him, and LeBron will possibly use his impact to figure out a way to team up with Leonard.

Add all of these "parts" to the concept that Chris Paul and the Rockets aren't getting along, reportedly.

There's still time remaining for LeBron to make his big decision. July 1 will be the first day of NBA free agency negotiating and players can start signing once the July moratorium concludes. That's just five days later, but LeBron will have the ability to provide some NBA fireworks just days after the Fourth of July.