When it comes to this summer's NBA free agency, there will be a lot of potential moves to be made. Among those moves could be a team-up of All-Star players LeBron James and Paul George. The two players have been linked as far as potential acquisitions for the Los Angeles Lakers. There has also been some recent talk of the Cleveland Cavaliers being interested in PG13.

PG13 attends 'Fortnite' event

Just recently, George attended the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am event in Los Angeles. ESPN caught up with the Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star. During his interview, he mostly spoke about e-Sports and video games, with an interesting cameo from Lakers player Josh Hart during the talk.

The interviewer did his best to end the questions by asking PG13 if he's "excited" to join "this guy not in the gaming realm." The smooth question was a reference to Los Angeles Lakers guard Josh Hart but George laughed it off and said "Next question," before moving on.

George comments on LeBron

TMZ Sports asked George straight up, "Would you like to be on the same team with LeBron?" and the OKC star replied, "Yeah, I'm with LeBron every All-Star." George added that every NBA All-Star Game appearance he's made in his career has involved he and LeBron James playing on the same team.

TMZ tried to go beyond that answer and asked, "You guys like playing together, right?" Paul George responded, "Yeah, we got a losing record, but I like playing with him."

While that response is something most NBA stars would say, there has been no shortage of rumors or reports saying that George and LeBron would get together to talk about playing in Los Angeles.

James has a list of about seven teams he's reportedly going to consider as part of his free agency decision this summer. They include his current team, the Cavs, as well as landing spots such as Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles.

George's L.A. connection

During the TMZ Sports talk with Paul George, they also asked if he's made up his mind yet on where he'll play in the NBA next season.

George didn't commit to a team necessarily, but when asked about "loving L.A.," he said, "I can say I love L.A. because I'm from L.A." George played his high school ball for Palmdale, California before heading to Fresno State for the college portion of his basketball resume.

The All-Star player spent the past season in Oklahoma City with the Thunder after the team made a trade with the Indiana Pacers to acquire him.

While George had a decent showing during the season, the overall attempt to pair him with Russell Westbrook and veteran star Carmelo Anthony was viewed as subpar. The team bowed out earlier than expected in the NBA Playoffs. Still, hopeful fans believe that keeping George there with Westbrook and the rest of their roster could work as they play another season.

However, there were rumors that Paul George would join the Los Angeles Lakers ahead of last summer's trade between OKC and Indiana. In addition, a recent report indicated that the Cleveland Cavaliers are still interested in trying to get Paul George. So, it's possible that James and George could wind up wearing the same jersey for more than just an All-Star game.