For weeks now, there have been NBA rumors that All-Star guard Kemba Walker may be the type of player the Cleveland Cavs need to keep LeBron James. Those reports have continued to go on, despite not much noise about the deal from either team. The Cleveland Cavaliers took a guard at No. 8 in the recent NBA draft, while the Hornets opted for a big man. However, there still seems to be the possibility that Walker could be sent to Cleveland, based on sources close to the player.

Kemba to Cavs is still 'possible'

On the night of the 2018 NBA Draft, where the Cleveland Cavaliers selected University of Alabama guard Collin Sexton eighth overall, there had originally been speculation that a deal might be arranged with the Charlotte Hornets involving that pick, but nothing happened on draft night.

Kemba Walker remained a member of his current team and Sexton seemed excited to possibly be joining LeBron James in Cleveland.

However, in a Bleacher Report article after the draft, the website mentioned that a source close to Kemba Walker told them a deal was still "possible." Bleacher Report's Ken Berger also indicated a league source said that the Cleveland Cavs making a deal to get Kemba Walker "is the only way LeBron stays."

Walker would be a boost for Cavs

The former University of Connecticut Huskies champion has managed to become a two-time All-Star during his career with the Charlotte Hornets.

Unfortunately, his success in willing the Huskies to the NCAA championship during an impressive run hasn't translated to the same success in the NBA. His team hasn't gotten past the first round of the playoffs during Walker's career with the former Bobcats and now Hornets team.

However, it's no secret that star players want to win championships.

Walker may realize he's not getting the help he needs in Charlotte. LeBron James wants help in Cleveland, and a solid point guard could make a big difference, again. James' only title in Cleveland came when Kyrie Irving was a contributing member of the team. With Irving gone, the team hasn't had a good floor general. Isaiah Thomas was brought in ahead of last season but was traded before the All-Star break, along with other Cavs players.

Kemba Walker's stats have been impressive, though. He's bumped his scoring average up over 20 points per game over the last three seasons and has also averaged about five assists per game. However, one would have to think those assist numbers would increase with LeBron to dish to. Walker has improved greatly in terms of his shooting percentage, moving up to 44.4 percent a season ago, and 43.1 percent last season. His three-point percentage started at just 30.5 percent in his rookie season and approached 40 percent last season.

Hornets would need value in return

The Sporting News mentioned, in their report, that a Kemba Walker deal would likely need to send a point guard back to Charlotte. However, they speculate that the Hornets probably won't want George Hill or J.R.

Smith. Tristan Thompson, while not a guard, might be available, but he's considered an "undesirable contract" for Charlotte to take on. In addition, Smith and Thompson aren't exactly much in terms of getting value back.

The stats and wanting to win titles seem to make a strong case for bringing a veteran guard with Walker's experience to the Cleveland Cavaliers. If a deal happens, it's almost seeming like the Cavs drafted Collin Sexton to potentially ship him over to the Hornets in exchange for Walker. Time will tell if they make that move in order to try to keep LeBron James happy, as it will also involve figuring out the team's difficult salary cap situation.