The recent WWE rumors about a John Cena and Nikki Bella breakup have led to plenty of speculation about what the reason for the split was. While that still appears to be unknown, different reports are coming out claiming it was Cena who ended things or Nikki. A new report suggests that it was, in fact, Nikki Bella who had grown fed up with certain aspects of their relationship, leading to her calling off their engagement. That has apparently left Cena pretty upset that things are over.

Cena torn up over split?

The latest report from US Weekly spills the beans from another source who said, "John is a mess" after the breakup with Nicole.

However, Nikki Bella "is not devastated," the source added, as she is taking time to focus more on herself now. It's still hard for her, the source, mentioned, indicating that Cena and Nikki still are on speaking terms and that Nikki still has a strong love for John. That makes plenty of sense, as John Cena and Nikki Bella were together for six years and set to be married in just a few weeks. The duo was also under the spotlight at last year's "WrestleMania 33," where Cena proposed to Nikki after they won a tag team match together.

The couple has also been featured on reality television shows together, making this split-up story an interesting topic for future seasons, should they continue. Most likely the future seasons will focus more on Nikki, and fans will probably see less of Cena, if at all.

Conflicting reports

For years, it appeared that John Cena and Nikki Bella were going strong, although the prospect of marriage seemed one that Cena was less interested in than Nicole. However, he eventually made the big decision, although a lot was made over the fact that Cena was being extra careful based on his brand and financial situation as a possible emerging movie star.

As with most celebrity gossip that hasn't really had the actual celebrities speaking on the matter, there are varying reports about what caused Cena and Nikki's split. Some reports indicated it was Nikki saying enough was enough and not wanting John to give her a "pity wedding." Other reports indicated that Cena was the one responsible for deciding he just didn't want to settle down and that he couldn't handle being married at this point.

Either way, based on the initial statement and some of the "inside sources" that are talking to US Weekly, PEOPLE, and other sources, it seems things are still amicable between John Cena and Nikki Bella. Time will tell what the real story is behind their shocking breakup and whether it was just a mutual decision or one of the two WWE stars made the big decision in an upset moment.