The WWE rumors from just a few days ago suggesting a John Cena and Nikki Bella break up took many fans by surprise. It had fans quickly speculating about why the relationship ended and if it was even legitimate. Now there are some more details coming out about why the couple decided to end their engagement and go their separate ways. It appears the decision came due to Nikki Bella deciding to end things, based on sources confirmed in a new report.

Bella broke things off

The latest information presented by a source to PEOPLE is that Nikki ended the wedding because of how John Cena was acting about things.

Basically, the source said that Cena was "gritting his teeth" about the whole thing and acting as if he was doing Nikki Bella a favor by marrying her. The source added that Nikki is successful on her own and doesn't need Cena to give her a "pity proposal, a pity wedding, [or] a pity husband."

The proposal was actually a huge televised event too. It came at last year's "WrestleMania 34" event which is considered the "Super Bowl of professional wrestling." After winning a mixed tag team match against The Miz and Maryse, John Cena told a story about his relationship with Nicole (Nikki) and eventually got down on one knee to propose in front of thousands of fans in the arena, as well as millions watching via television or live stream.

That particular "WrestleMania moment" is still available as part of WWE's YouTube or social media posts.

Superstars absent from WWE

The WWE didn't hesitate in reporting the news of John Cena and Nikki Bella's break up, though. The website posted an article on Monday acknowledging the news of the split. It wasn't mentioned on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" program, though, and neither John Cena nor Nikki Bella was part of the televised show.

The WWE is currently running something called the "Superstar Shakeup" where various superstars move from their current roster, either "Raw" or "SmackDown Live," to the other brand. So far it seems that Cena and Bella aren't moving around in terms of this storyline with WWE.

Cena and Bella were set to get married early next month with May 5th set up as the official date.

However, the big news of their split has fans questioning if this was all set up for reality television. As of right now, based on the comments from Cena and Bella to announce their break up, and WWE's reports of it, it still seems legitimate. However, with WWE's recent media manipulation that involved Rusev and Lana with the strange booking of a match against The Undertaker for later this month, fans can't help but be a bit skeptical.