Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is expected to join a new team for the NFL season, but the question remains over what NFL team he'll end up with. Fans could see Bryant join the Houston Texans if their newest defensive back Tyrann Mathieu has anything to say about it. In fact, he already has been recruiting him, according to the Honey Badger.

Dez Bryant in Houston?

In a report from the NFL website, they provide comments that Mathieu recently made in regard to Dez Bryant heading to the Houston Texans. Mathieu said he's messaged Bryant to try to get him to join the team, adding that he wants him to "feel like he's wanted again."

In addition, Houston's wideout DeAndre Hopkins is also on board with the idea.

Hopkins told reporters he loves Dez and was one of the players he watched during college and high school football. Hopkins added, "He's a great receiver."

It's mentioned that there have yet to be any NFL rumors suggesting that Dez Bryant was in play for the Houston Texans. However, these latest recruitment comments from Mathieu and Hopkins would seem to indicate otherwise.

Other suitors

While the Houston Texans have not really been linked to Dez Bryant, there have been a handful of teams who are. They include the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and New Orleans Saints.

Of those teams, New Orleans was a contender this past season behind Drew Brees, but they ultimately fell in the NFL Playoffs to the Minnesota Vikings. Adding Bryant to that roster would give Brees an even more dangerous receiving corps than he currently has.

There have been other rumors and reports popping up that Dez Bryant could head to the Detroit Lions or even the New York Giants where he'd be paired with Odell Beckham Jr.

in the receiving corps. However, neither of these rumors have seemed to hold any more validity than fans' pipe dreams. Some may think the same about the Houston Texans, but if Mathieu and Hopkins can get through to Bryant, they could all be playing for the same team in 2018.

Decision coming soon?

One has to think that a decision is going to happen in the near future when it comes to Dez Bryant.

The NFL Draft is just a week away, which gives teams a bit of time to think over their rosters. Some teams may look to the draft to try to bring in a new talented wide receiver. However, one can't argue against the contributions that Dez Bryant has made during his All-Pro career. Don't be surprised to see one of his interested suitors land him in the next few weeks.