The New England Patriots are in a bit of disarray heading into the NFL draft, depending on who you ask. Some will say that Tom Brady is considering retirement, Rob Grownkowski has checked out of football mentally and head coach Bill Belichick may be leaving as well. Others say it is nothing but noise from jealous outsiders who just wish to see the league's most successful franchise finally break up.

Regardless, what is true is that multiple quality players have left the team this offseason, either through trade or free agency. Guys like Danny Amendola, Malcom Butler and Brandin Cooks are no longer there and leave big holes at their positions.

The team has done well so far in free agency, but a number of holes remain. As the team heads to the draft, they have 5 picks inside the top 100. Plenty of opportunity to strike gold.

Here's a look at some of the team's best picks, and biggest busts, over the last ten years.

The good

Dont'a Hightower, LB, 2012: The last time the team had two first-round draft picks, they used the second on Hightower. Since coming into the league, he has established himself as one of the game's top inside linebackers and a corps member of the Patriots' defense. He made a herculean tackle in the Super Bowl against Seattle to stop Marshawn Lynch on the goal line, setting up the interception on the next play that sealed the win.

Devin McCourty, DB, 2011: Another corps member of the current defense and captain, Devin McCourty has been a model Patriot. Leading by example and always accountable, McCourty has earned every dollar and then some. Switching to safety after struggling as a cornerback has rejuvenated his career and led him to being one of the league's best.

Rob Gronkowski, TE, 2011: Despite injury concerns coming out of college, Bill Belichick saw what we all see now in "Gronk" as he has been arguably the best tight end of all-time during his career in New England. A recent falling out may see him retire or play elsewhere in 2018, though the team expects to have the all pro available when training camp starts this summer.

James White, RB, 2014: An absolute steal in the fourth round, James White has emerged from a crowded running back by committee in New England to becoming Tom Brady's favorite back. His performance against Atlanta in the Super Bowl was largely the reason why the team was able to come back from 25 down to win.

They can't all be winners

Ras-I Dowling, 2011, DB: A second-round pick was wasted here as Dowling just never could live up to expectations. He struggled in coverage and his size made him less valuable in man to man situations. He only lasted a short while before bouncing out of the league.

Dominique Easley, 2014, DE: Injuries ruined this pick as the Patriots initially thought they had the steal of the draft in Easley.

A top 5 talent, he slipped to the end of the first round due to multiple knee injuries. Though he did flash some of that skill during his short time in New England, injuries again eventually piled up and he was released -- a tougher pill to swallow when factoring in that pro bowler DeMarcus Lawrence was drafted right after Easley.