After a violent attack on a bus full of UFC 223 fighters, some people thought Conor McGregor was finished in the UFC. The premeditated assault showed an ugliness rarely seen in MMA, more often reserved for the mafia influenced glory days of boxing. Reports by MMA Mania provided most of the details used in this article.

However, now that UFC 223 has concluded as a resounding success, the question on everyone's mind is when will Conor McGregor return to the ring? "We talked, it's good," said Dana White, in an abrupt turn from comments he made directly after the attack.

Citing a mutual respect, White said that in the coming week they will get back to working on Conor's return to the UFC.

Lightweight has a new champ

Khabib Nurmagomedov did exactly what everyone thought he was going to do at UFC 223, pummeling Al Iaquinta for five brutal rounds to claim the lightweight belt. After having several potential opponents fall through, Nurmagomedov finally was able to fight someone and rightfully claim the vacant title.

He was quick to call out McGregor post-fight, saying that the two had to resolve their situation, inside the ring or outside of it. Just like that, the next big fight in the lightweight division has begun to marinate. The undefeated Russian versus the Irish goliath.

If anyone could beat McGregor, it is probably Nurmagomedov. The bad blood only adds to the interest that this potential fight would generate.

Fighting Floyd?

Once again, as the UFC captured the headlines, Floyd Mayweather chimed in. Saying that he would only fight again if it was in the UFC, fanned the flames that he could fight McGregor again, but on the Irishman's turf this time.

Such a fight would also shatter pay-per-view records. Dana White was quick to temper expectations as he said he would in no way work with Showtime again, as he had to when promoting the McGregor-Mayweather boxing match. Floyd said he would only compete in the UFC if he could bring Showtime and CBS along for the payday. Money usually has a way of working these things out.

As it did before and likely will in the future.

The Nate Diaz trilogy

A rubber match with Nate Diaz isn't off the table either. The only man in the UFC to beat McGregor has been sitting on the sidelines since their second fight, waiting for the UFC to book the trilogy, or give him the proper payday he feels he deserves at this point in his career.

Diaz has made it pretty clear that he has no intentions of fighting anyone but McGregor, likely because no other matchup would pay him nearly as much.

The options for McGregor went from zero to many in a matter of days. Despite his violent outburst prior to UFC 223, he remains the most marketable fighter in combat sports. Something no promoter can turn down when it comes to making the most money possible.