Ever since suffering back-to-back losses that stunted an otherwise perfect UFC career, Ronda Rousey has refused to say that she will never fight in the octagon again. Despite moving on to the world of professional wrestling, Rousey has remained quiet about whether or not she has closed the door on her MMA career. Now that she is a WWE wrestler, Rousey has been on a media tour to promote her new persona, "Rowdy Ronda Rousey."

Enter ESPN host Mike Golic, who asked a seemingly innocent question regarding her new career and if the door was completely shut on a return to the UFC.

She may have misunderstood him

Golic, though stumbling over his words, meant to ask Rousey if she would consider a return to the octagon in time. Sort of like the route Brock Lesnar chose to go -- back and forth between the WWE and UFC. This was certainly not an unreasonable question.

However, his wording made it sound like: would Rousey go back in time and change anything regarding the abrupt end to her UFC career. That, in turn, would be a much touchier subject as Rousey hasn't really opened up much about the two losses she suffered in her final two fights.

When she did briefly open up, she mentioned that she was so down she even considered suicide. Knowing this going into the interview, it is extremely unlikely that Golic would take the questioning down such a road without any real context to the conversation.

Rousey's less than thrilled reaction said everything in terms of how she perceived she was being questioned.

It was an all-around awkward exchange.

Is there any chance that she would return to the UFC?

At this point, one would have to think Ronda Rousey's MMA career is over, even if she refuses to admit it. The women's divisions in the UFC has seen an influx of superb talent that would make any return a tall task. Given the way her last two fights ended, and how the two women who beat her have been themselves supplanted by newcomers, it is worth arguing that the sport has passed her by.

That is not to take anything away from her past accomplishments. Dana White has gone on record saying that there would be no women's UFC if not for the path that Rousey blazed. Her only crime is trying to hang on a little too long -- something just about all professional athletes grapple with as their careers come to an end.

It would be awesome to see Rousey return to the octagon and regain a title, much like Brock Lesnar did. However, the risks at this point far outweigh the reward for Rousey, who has already accomplished everything she possibly could in the UFC.