Conor McGregor crashed the Barclay's Center in New York on Thursday and violently attacked a tour bus carrying UFC 223 fighters back to their hotel. With nearly 20 goons by his side, McGregor threw a dolly through the bus window and injured several of the fighters. In the end, three fights at UFC 223 have been canceled and McGregor was arrested and charged with three misdemeanors and one felony count of criminal mischief.

Lightweight Michael Chiesa has been pulled from his main card fight against Anthony Pettis because of facial lacerations. Flyweight Ray Borg also had to back out of his fight against Brandon Moreno because of multiple corneal abrasions caused by pieces of broken glass.

Artem Lobov was pulled from his prelim fight by the UFC for his actions on behalf of McGregor and his crew. After almost single-handedly destroying UFC 223, McGregor may have ended any hopes of a return to the UFC.

What set McGregor off?

On Wednesday, Conor McGregor was in London. On Thursday, he had flown to New York with the express intent on attacking Khabib Nurmagomedov. In the middle of that time, Khabib was involved in a hotel altercation with McGregor's teammate Artem Lobov.

McGregor came to the aid of his friend and teammate by flying 20-30 mean with him to confront Khabib and his entourage.

That altercation took place in the parking garage at the Barclay Center as Khabib and many of the other UFC 223 fighters were boarding a bus to return to their hotel.

For obvious reasons, they would not let Khabib off the bus to face McGregor, but that didn't stop "The Notorious" from attacking the bus by any means necessary.

Lobov is both McGregor's training partner and friend. After Khabib and his crew ambushed Lobov in the hotel lobby the day before, it set off a violent chain reaction.

McGregor was incensed and was on the next flight over the Atlantic to come to his friend's aid.

McGregor did find Khabib briefly before he was on the bus, but stadium security and personnel were quick to separate the two. Attacking the bus was McGregor's last resort to lash out.

McGregor's future in the UFC

Dana White is no doubt livid at his promotion's number one star. Just recently, he was boasting that Conor would return this year. However, White was forced to strip McGregor of his lightweight title belt this week since he has not defended it in nearly two years, which may have added to McGregor's rage.

When asked for his immediate reaction to working with McGregor again, White bluntly stated that he wanted no part of him.

It's understandable given how much wreckage he caused to this weekend's UFC pay per view.

Aside from White's frustration, there is the legal aspect to Conor's actions. He caused three fights to be canceled, ruining the life-changing paydays for six fighters, five if we take out Lobov. It is a near certainty that McGregor will be facing some legal action from these fighters as they try to recoup lost wages. That is unless the UFC still opts to still pay them, then it may be White who is coming after McGregor's wallet.

There is also the matter of sanctioning any future fight for McGregor. If he did land a matchup with Khabib to settle the score, there may not be an athletic commission that signs off to sanction the bout.

Though Las Vegas seems like the place that the fight would take place and the most likely to rule in favor of the UFC's wishes.

While we still have no idea when or if Conor McGregor will fight in the UFC again, one thing is certain. The interest in seeing "The Notorious" step in the ring may never be higher.