LeBron James was on fire and his play literally stunned fans as he made his way to achieve becoming the sixth active player with 400 double-doubles.

Fox reported that in the Cavaliers game against the Portland Trail Blazers, King James had some literally stunning moments.

Fans and players were busting out of their seats with excitement as LeBron James showed how it's done, Thursday, March 15, 2018.

If you missed the game, there are plenty of highlights you can watch on YouTube where Cleveland Cavaliers were beaten by the Trail Blazers, but nevertheless, LeBron's performance was thrilling to watch.

LeBron James in the first and third quarters

In the first quarter, LeBron James came out at the Moda Center with a "highlight-reel dunk" that "momentarily stunned" fans, Fox Sports Ohio wrote.

Overall in the game, the giant of Cleveland Cavaliers, managed 35 points with 14 rebounds for his sixth straight double-double, according to NBA.com. Portland was sitting ahead in double-digit points but in the third quarter, George Hill and LeBron James ran their layups and brought it to a thrilling 105-99 between the two teams.

At one stage, George Hill managed a three-pointer that brought them inside of 5 points from Blazers. This was countered by Al-Farouq Aminu and Evan Turner.

A Jordan Clarkson' 3-pointer brought the scoreboard to 5 points.

Then LeBron missed a crucial layup in the final seconds of the game. But that in no way detracts from his amazing play through the rest of the game. King James had an amazing game and was on fire. So were the fans who were in the stadium or glued to the television.

Other personal bests achieved in the game

There were other personal bests achieved.

As Fox Sports, Ohio pointed out, "Lillard became the third player in league history have 1,500-plus points and 400-plus rebounds in each of his first six seasons."

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently on a six-game road trip and will move on to play the Bulls in their sixth and final game. Their starting five is still up and down with Kevin Love still out with injury and the same with Tristan Thompson.

Larry Nance Jr. who has been playing so well for Cleveland Cavaliers was not on the court due to a hamstring injury he got while playing against the Suns on Tuesday.

Tyronn Lue is hopeful that Kevin Love may be back in the game in the next week or so. Cleveland Cavaliers are sitting third in the Eastern Conference at the moment, and LeBron James is still pushing to take the team to victory. If Love and Nance Jr. can get back into the game, and if LeBron James continues to play such stunning basketball, this is still not an impossible dream.