LeBron James is having another statistically great season in the league, through 40 games in the 2017-18 campaign, King James has averaged 27.2 points, 9.0 assists, 8.2 rebounds, 1.7 steals and 1.1 blocks per game to go along with his impressive 55.8 percent shooting field goals and 38.9 percent from three-point land. LeBron’s statistical longevity is a huge reason he is closing in on the 30,000-point mark for his career, and he continues to climb the all-time leaderboards for other statistics including rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, field goals made, free throws made, and three-pointers made.

By looking at the stats, the productivity, and the pure basketball ability, King James is arguably having the greatest year-15 season out of any player in NBA history. By this time in most players' career, they are on the decline and while they may still be productive, they aren’t known as the best player in the league or even close. But LeBron, after playing in seven straight NBA Finals, 12 straight playoff runs, and over 50,000 career minutes, is still playing like the best player in the league. With his outstanding consistent play, LeBron has the chance to break one of the NBA’s most unbreakable records.

The King can break another scoring record

LeBron James isn’t known for just his ability to score the basketball, but when you haven’t scored below 10 points in a professional basketball game since January 5 in 2007, his scoring ability is worth talking about.

It was a bad game, obviously, for the King, who finished with eight points on 3-of-13 shooting from the floor. But since that time, the King has scored in double figures in every game of his career.

As we sit in the year of 2018, LeBron almost lost, but still kept his streak alive in his last game against the Timberwolves, as he finished with 10 points.

LeBron James has scored in double-figures in 831 straight games. This has him second all-time in consecutive games scoring 10 or more points, only behind the great Michael Jordan who had 866 straight games. With 42 games left in the season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and LeBron needing 35 games to tie or 36 games to break Jordan’s record, it is very likely that the King will achieve this feat at the tail end portion of this season.

How other legends stack up

Many basketball greats have been able to score in double figures in many consecutive games, obviously not as many as Michael Jordan or LeBron James, but it still has been very significant. Last season, the King passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the leader board who had scored in double figures in 787 straight games from 1977 to 1987. Sitting behind the Laker legend is the great Karl Malone with 575 straight games, Moses Malone with 526 straight games, and surprisingly Kareem Abdul-Jabbar again, who had two separate streaks, and the other one was 508 straight games.