Las Vegas is one the biggest tourist destinations for certain things in the United States. Gambling being the main draw, the city has long been working on building a reputation that goes beyond the slot machines. The city has recently become home to the newest professional hockey team, the Vegas Golden Knights. Over the next few years, the NFL will call Vegas home as the Raiders finalize their move to the Sin City from Oakland.

Now, Vegas is home to the first esports arena in the United States. The Esports Arena Las Vegas, inside the Luxor Casino, opened its doors this week.

The first of its kind in the U.S. will likely not be the last. The arena will be the ultimate hosting site for major eSports competitions in the country.

eSports are now mainstream

The meteoric rise of eSports' popularity is showing no end in sight. Stadiums are routinely packed across southeast Asia as tens of thousands of fans flock to see their favorite teams and players compete in a variety of games. Though the current big games, like "Counterstrike Go" and "League of Legends" aren't as popular in the U.S. as they are abroad, it will be the sports games that show how far eSports can go in the country.

The immense popularity of games like "NHL 18," "NBA2K18," and "Madden 18" are perfect to bring eSports to the American public.

Players have for years competed heavily online in those games for nothing but bragging rights. The recent phenomenon of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" also would make for an exciting eSports game in the U.S.

Pro sports leagues have taken notice as the NBA has launched their own video game version of the league through "NBA2K." The NHL is following suit and multiple NFL owners have investments in eSports teams and leagues.

While there are already niche tournaments for these games, the rise of eSports domestically will no doubt create more leagues and tournaments to compete in, not only for the professional players but also for the average everyday players as well.

Will the arena be a success?

It's hard to see this venture not being the start of something big in the U.S.

Las Vegas is the perfect starting spot as it will no doubt be a tourist draw within the city. It will be interesting to see how the next arenas fare in various cities, as this will not be the only one in the U.S. for long.

The NBA is focusing on building a small scale studio for the players in their upcoming eSports league to compete in. The studio seems more designed to make a level playing field for the league's players than it is designed to host a massive live audience like this arena in Vegas.

Both ideas are perfect starting points to both gauge the interest and bring out the best in the competitions. It is clear that eSports are the future and businesses are seeing the dollar signs by getting in on the ground floor.